Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of November

And so today is the 30th eh? I see many people are lamenting about how time flies. Yeah, time flies super fast. Yet, there were also times I remember that time pass SO slow.

I think I have been lazy lately to update anything on my blog. I saw this post at BloggieDoggie, and I thought "Hey, this is a good idea to get my blog updated everyday"

So, I am doin it! Yeay!! ( Thanks for the inspiration at BloggieDoggie)

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I was thinking...it's a new day, I need to start working on the things that had been put on hold.

* went to school at 9am to take my letters, then terjumpa my Penolong Kanan then kena bawa discuss about jadual.

* then the Principal wanted to see me about the School Diary project

* whole afternoon, every hour, my phone rang. Someone from the vendor la, the Chief Clerk la, people from church la. Adoi...my afternoon nap pun terkacau.
The phone calls certainly drove me up the wall.. argh!

Huh, so much for a peaceful holiday eh?

Tomorrow, need to go school at 730am lagi. Ada urusan seri paduka baginda. Pffft! :S


chegu carol said...

my school is so near i dont mind kena on call. just that, i will let them know i only will be available after 9am. hehehe...mau pok lambat bangun bah....

Rungitom said...

All in a day's work :)