Tuesday, November 09, 2010


This flu and coughing still bugging me a lot. Thank God that the soreness of the throat has subsided and the fever wasn't as bad as Monday.

I thought am gonna die shivering on Monday night. It has been a while since I fell sick like this. Then my dad said it could be due to lack of exercise. WTF???

Chesss.. He wanted to point out that I don't exercise regularly la tu. Well, part of it is true la. But I think the main reason why I fell sick is because I am so damn tired for the past week. And this is the automatic body response to keep me alive.

After I catch up on my sleep. (I am lacking sleep, water and energy ) .. eaten properly and have myself hydrated to the optimum. I felt healthier.

But damn, this cough is still bugging me. And the hingus also..Eeeeee.. I have a singing performance this Saturday and I need my voice. Gonna be less verbal these days la I think, to save my voice.

p.s: I hate November! ( audit, file closing, marking exam papers..yada yada yada yada nonsense, a motivational talk lagi...the last two weeks of final schooling days are so crucial! )

p.p.s : I want to do a blog revamp but still no inspiration up until now. Wanna do something to suit the coming Yuletide season. A pink Yuletide season it is

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