Monday, November 15, 2010

Youth Arts Festival

Hey, no one coughed in the middle of the song but the ukulele no sound!!!

Well, no one to blame. It just happen to be like that. I personally think that the sound system could be better, still okay lah! All is good because we are doing it for charity.

So another re-do on the song because me and my sisters were kinda dissapointed with our own performance earlier. Enjoy the nasal sound of my voice because of my blocked nose! Haha.

At the YAF also, I met two old friends. Jojie and Daisy. My juniors from uni. Ahhh..those were the days and now we are wiser.. Hehe
p.s: still waiting for the inspiration to come for ideas to make a pink yuletide theme..and its already mid November


Mas Light said...

Oi perempuan, where you get ur lace dress, cute oh! *got distracted by the main purpose of the post heheh opps.

Georgie J said...

so cute that picture of us. everyone's not yuletide? i like the idea!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

like like like! -> ur lean on me version!

Lizeewong said...

I like it too :)

Joan said... it at Sungei Wang for Rm15..hehe..

jojie..yeah, everyone's their ownselves

amanda & lizee.. thanks!!