Thursday, November 25, 2010

After a few hours...

on this stupid non ergonomic chair of mine. ( but I still love it cos its pink ), I managed to get some inspiration to revamp my blog.

Now, I have a wider blog.

Less nonsense at the sidebar and I can post pictures, videos and other nonsense luas luas.. Muahaha!

And hey it's still in pink. Siapa tidak suka sorry la ah.
I LOVE PINK!!! Hidup Pink-a-holics! ( pumps fists in the air )

The pink yuletide theme, I decided to do something that can last longer than the Christmas season only. But, I am very much anticipating the coming of December. Lovin' Christmas time!

Short updates of me

* dyed my hair two shades lighter ( I guess ) . So, I need to make sure my skin doesn't get tanned if not I'd end up like a Ganguro girl.

* I still haven't finished marking exam papers. Yay me.. ( sigh actually ) - been procrastinating too much

* Everyday wake up must watch TV. Ada asian games bah!

* and yes, I am travelling again this holiday! Where to? Nowhere... hehehe.. Not goin' anywhere this school hols. My pocket is beyond being kering. I don't know where's my pocket already. Konsikang sudah ni.

-London. Paris. New York. All I wanna go!-
* feels weird that I get to spend the whole hols at home and actually could finish up a few projects. Fingers crossed. Will tell you guys about the projects soon. If this could be done, my 2010 will be very much complete


Mas Light said...

Love the new layout. Not a big fan of pink but I love polka dot ;D

Georgie J said...

breathtaking pla sa tgk page ko ni! pinky2 n ada cupcake lg.yummy!

Earthy Emily said...

Bukan ada Airasia murah ka tu p London. Hehe.

Onderay said...

love the new layout!