Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday: Say NO to Plastic Bags

Yes. Going Green doesn't hurt.

I always tend to forget to bring my own shopping bag everywhere I go. So, I decided to get this.

another keychain? No lah..

Put it together with car keys or my clutch. I will have it wherever I go then. Especially on the days when I am so lazy to bring a bag with me. And this will allow me to go green all the way.

We must start somewhere right?

It is quite sad when I hear people whining about plastic bags being banned on Mondays. Menyusahkan la. And what other nonsense I heard.

And its even sad when I saw the attitude of our own people as compared to the Mat Salleh(s)

There was this one time when I was lining up at the Big Apple Donuts outlet in KK. A Mat Salleh couple was in front of me and when they paid their donuts they said to the cashier "No Plastic Bags Please" and just politely bring the box with them.

Immediately after they left, the cashier and her friend were giggling and imitating the Mat Salleh gesture of not wanting the plastic bag. I was so dumbfounded and also disappointed at their attitude. I was unsure whether or not should I say no to the plastic bag when its already my time to pay my donuts.

But, yeah, screw their thoughts. I am going GREEN. I say NO to the plastic bags as well.

Paduli lah kalau dorang mo kasi ketawa. Palui la bah!

It's just so heartbreaking to see people and their attitude like that. And sometimes I saw people at a grocery store, beli satu tin cola pun mau plastic juga tapi minum terus juga itu cola. Why do you even need the plastic bag in the first place? Odoiiii..

I mean you can't change the world in a blink of an eye. But it takes a collective effort to make something happen and make a difference.

Why not start with yourself first. I have taken my first step. Have you?


Mas Light said...

People got used to plastic bags that they're not aware. Heck, ko suruh durang recycle pun bukan durang amik peduli tu. Sad oh.

chegu carol said...

yes, go green! sia pun kdg2 lupa tu trsu kalau ngam2 lagi on monday, terpaksa angkut2 tu brg w/o plastic..or if byk i buy...taruh ja dlm trolley then surung pi kereta dulu.

your eco bag bah, i bought one for my friend when i visited ECU tu hari...bila ingat2 balik, sayang pula tida beli utk diri sendiri. mana ko beli tu? sini juga?

Earthy Emily said...

Yep, some people definitely need a change of mentality. Just like we shouldn't buy pirated stuff anymore. It's what being civilised is all about.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i have! i decline plastic bags whenever i can. but to bring my own bag, not yet la...that's another step i should take...

Lindut a.k.a Carmel said...

agree with you!!tlampau byk plastic bag sdh di KK ni.

ArthAl said...

Whoa! first and foremost, nice blog deco-design. Lama sudah pula sya tidak p melawat-lawat. Good good. ^^V

Okay, back to the main topic. I always decline plastic bag whenever possible, even during my schooling years. It's automatic, sebab sya tdak tau mo simpan mana tu plastic bag, then it becomes a habit. People will just smile when I decline them, ntahlah kena ijik ka tdak lepas tu. Tapi biarlah. ^^ *maka sintiki la kita..*

anyway, trfikir balik pasal the impolite cashier et. al., rasa geram jugalah. Nasib bukan sya yang d depan, kalau tidak gatal juga kali mulut sya mo tegur tu. ^^

Keep it up! (of going green, and posting great stuffs) ^^

Joan said...

yeay, go green everyone!

yeah, sometimes I also terpakai juga plastic bag ni but at least bila ingat tu kan, we try to avoid la bah kan.

carol. I bought the bag at Guardian tu. Banyak designs dia lawa2.

chegu carol said...

guardian?? alright!! here i come!