Friday, November 03, 2017

Babywearing Experience: Lenny Lamb Smoki Wrap Review

I am a newbie in babywearing. Just sharing my experience with this Lenny Lamb Smoki in Black and White (Size 4). Second hand bought from a member of the Malaysian Babywearers FSOT group. The previous owner had taken care the wrap well I must say. Lennylamb released this in 2015. So it is like 2 years old already.

I love it because it is a size 4, well broken in and most of all it is in Black and White. I am slowly loving all the monochromes wraps these days. 

Dual purpose (always!)

Lenny lamb as I heard has one of the softest wraps. Well this one is broken in well and the support it provides for my little one is great! No sagging at all. It has quite a dense weave I must say and it is not as airy as my Fidella wrap (could be due to the gram-mage difference ; I don't know. Too lazy to check).

For now, this is my go to wrap especially at home because of the handsome color and also the size. I have another size 4 but it is in rainbow color. I am just not feeling very rainbow-ish these days. Might be putting that up for sale soon. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

DIY baby crib bumper

You know those cute custom made baby crib bumpers on Instagram? They are adorable but come with a nice price tag as well. Ya, I appreciate custom made things. But I am not paying that much for something that I have solutions for.

Tadaa! My DIY baby crib bumpers. Its just three back cushions bought from Kaison for MYR 12.90 each. Attached some ribbons at the corner (with horrible sewing skills of mine). There you go, a fast and cute baby crib bumpers. Teehee!

I always love Kaison stuff (hey, this is not a paid blog post okay, just an honest sharing). Look how cute is this mountain shaped cushion in which the husband said is a shark. A SHARK? Which part of it look like a shark?

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Good night my child

This living music box sings lullaby for you to sleep,
The milk factory to feed you to make you grow to make you leap,
Mummy is tired but all mothers know this tip,
Every day is a treasure, memories and moments to keep.

Alahai, apahal la pula sentimental tonight? 

Aaron is sleeping and I am supposed to be transcribing stuff but I am lacking motivation. God, help me! The bed is calling. This mom is not tired, she is just lazy. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Babywearing experience: Bebe Sachi Attacus Mei Tai review

This is my first time owning and wearing a Mei Tai. Before this I don't have any idea on how to tie one as I am also a beginner with woven wraps. Actually, I did not intend to buy a Mei Tai BUT since this Mei Tai is the only one left in the Attacus Borneon series. I decided to just go for it! In fact it is not even sold at the Bebe Sachi's online shop anymore. It was released in 2016 btw. I just messaged them to try my luck on any of their Borneon series available.

Bebe Sachi Attacus Mei Tai
Look at this beauty! A must have! How can you say NO to this.

The pattern is something so close to heart (as I am from Borneo ) and I couldn't help to fall in love with the fabric over and over again. Yes, it was love at first sight! Although, I was reluctant to fork out that much money for this Mei Tai but but but I can't resist it. It so meant to be. LOL.

(Attacus Atlas)
Background: Please welcome the long awaited third sibling in the Bebe Sachi Bornean series, Attacus, named after the magnificent Atlas moth. Yes, you may think it rather absurd, naming a wrap after a moth, because in reality, producing textiles means avoiding moths at all costs! But Attacus Atlas is no ordinary household moth. Once thought to be the largest moth in the world, it is commonly found throughout the Malay Archipelago. Named after the Titan of Greek mythology, or in Cantonese, the name translates to "snake's head moth” as the wing pattern is thought to resemble a snake's head; the Atlas moth is simply stunning. Looking at the hand painted, ikat technique, design of the wrap, you can see the master dyer capture abstracted moth wing flutterings in deep purples and pink, not too dissimilar to Attacus. Our love for Borneo and everything it represents inspired us to produce this series. Rita and Azizah spent many formative childhood years in Sabah and Sarawak and remain closely tied to the area today. The abundance of insects in Borneo is astounding, with many new species being discovered every year. Azizah has fond memories studying insects of all shapes and sizes with scientists from Sabah Universities in areas like the Poring Hotsprings and around Mt Kinabalu. Often a simple lamp left on outside the chalet was enough to attract a huge variety of exciting insects to study. Today, Azizah’s father still ventures out on long scientific expeditions but often reports “there just isn’t as many insects as when you were younger”. We are hopeful that our children will grow up to continue to appreciate nature and maybe , ...even spot the wonderful Attacus Atlas!

I am still very much clumsy with this Mei Tai but I love it cos it is much faster to be wrap around compared to a woven wrap. Fast and easy. I took it out for an outing test drive today with Aaron today. Aaron loves this Mei Tai.

Bebe Sachi Attacus Mei Tai

I posted this Mei Tai on my Instagram ( @joan_jade ) and indeed a lot of my other Borneo friends also shared the same view like me. This is indeed a beautiful piece. A friend who doesn't have a baby also said she will actually just wear it for the sake of fashion. Haha.
Bebe Sachi Attacus Mei Tai
Love the sight of the passes at the back too. A work of art definitely.

But my wrapping skills still need some practice as the knot does not hold its position after moving around visiting the show house in Eco Majestic.

Bebe Sachi Attacus Mei Tai

I do hope there will be more ethnic inspired design from Bebe Sachi in the future. Ooh, I did also buy another wrap from them. I will blog about it when I have the time.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Saturday, October 07, 2017

4 months young

My sunshine is 4 months young today. Time flies! Ah, babies they grow up SO fast. I am so glad that I took this extra leave (although unpaid). Like a friend of mine who is doing the same thing said. Money can earn later. This time with the baby can't be repeated.

I can be there most of the time for him. Never mind the life that I used to have. No more going out for shopping. For hanging out with friends. No more going concerts. Priorities changed. Things have changed now.

BUT online shopping still ada. Hahaha. And with a baby now, the baby is always an excuse to spend money. LOL

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Adjusting to motherhood

This blog is super dusty! Haha. I am more into micro blogging on instagram and instastories these days. I also just revived my photography love since I have Aaron around. My camera was also dusty. LOL.

I am currently on a no pay maternity leave. Extended one. Not a stay-at-home mom just yet. I wish I can though. That will be nice. I will be back to work only on December. That is school holiday already. Hahaha.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

My babywearing experience

Before having a baby of my own, I saw people carry their kids with slings and wraps and I THOUGHT it was easy. Babywearing is NOT as easy as I thought it would be. (same thing with the thought of breastfeeding). BUT it gets better with some practice and a positive mindset that things will get better.

I finally took out the ring sling that I bought from Jumpsac (yeah, I kept it nicely after futile attempts to carry my baby). I remember being so excited to get it but then got so deflated  when it seems impossible to carry my baby in that cloth. Well, I just did not know HOW. 

Tada!! Today, I managed to use the sling. I was in dire need to alleviate the weight off my wrist and arms since my baby just want to be carried around to fall asleep. OMG. 

After a demo by my mom last night, I was so determined that I could do it even though earlier when I tried myself, both my baby and I struggled and got lost in the cloth. Hahaha.

Momma knows best. Thanks for showing the way mom! And yeah, it's true when you have your own kid, you will need to depend on your momma to give tips to make your life easier (although you need to tahan your ears lah if your parenting skills seems to be TOO modern for them).

I also have another stretchy wrap in which I still struggle with my baby to get him in the wrap. My baby sleeps very well also in the wrap. This wrap is by JPMBB (a french brand) which the mister got it second hand from his office pre-loved items mailing list. It was a good bargain because getting this wrap first hand will be very expensive. Check out the price yourself at their website. It is a good baby carrier but you will need A LOT of practice to get used to it. As for me, I am constantly worried about my baby's legs and spine position inside the wrap and whether I tied the wrap too tight that he can't breathe. Huhu. My baby is almost two months now and he is getting heavier. Thank God for these baby carriers, mati la bah mo angkat ini budak lama lama especially now that he is turning two months, he became extra clingy!

Oh, if you are wondering on how to get the ring sling, head on to . I got mine on sale, being a cheapskate (pilih saja la yang paling murah, I was a newbie anyway). I got mine for MYR129. A friend recommended this local brand to me as it is reasonably priced and has good quality - always buy aluminium ring slings and not plastic rings for safety. The quality of the cloth is OK lah. I prefer to wash it once to soften the cloth a bit. If I can utilize this ring sling fully, I will look into better materials sold on Jumpsac. Hehehe. Mahal sikit bah itu good material (everything is above MYR200)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hey Aaron!

I was 40 weeks and there's no sign of labor, baby's head is still floating (could be due to my pelvic bone shape that doesn't baby's head engagement) . Whatever lah! basically baby is not coming out. Placenta is heavily calcified according to the doctor that it might not serve its full function at anytime.

So, I went to "surrender" myself on the 7th of June, after giving the baby two days to give me any sign of not going for a c-section. Personally, I have never been so indecisive in my life but this decision is something that left me thinking and sleepless too. For me c-section is a major abdominal surgery and it takes longer time to recover because I do not want to be off from my fitness routine for so long. Anyway, enough for thinking only for myself, now its not only about me.

I got the bracelet as a ticket for my 3 days 2 nights "vacation" in the hospital ward. I have never been warded before, let alone having an IV drip - now, I am in for a major surgery. Okay, enough of this thinking and thinking, just do it!

The stylish uniform, moments before being wheeled in by a wheelchair to the OT. I was like, hmm, I can walk, why the wheelchair. Bah, biarlah. Then, I am being transferred to a bed, wheeled in again. OMG, this transition is to set my mind to be in the OT mode is it?? I was nervous AF at that time but I can only smile to mask it. Pretending to be strong, it is all in the mind. Yes. Luckily, the mister was around and he is the key to my strength. I can't imagine to go through everything alone.

To sum everything up in the OT:

  • Got my first IV drip ever in my life. I thought the branula insertion will hurt, tidak pula. LOL
  • Spinal block inserted (I feared this the most), mine was done while I was lying on my side and was being asked to curve myself like a ball. I just don't wanna know how they did it, but the sensation felt after that is just WEIRD
  • Got prepped for surgery, the curtains up and God knows whatever they are doing to me behind the curtain.
  • I only see my husband once they are ready for surgery. He was not there during the spinal block insertion (in which I thought he will be there during that time...boohoo!)
  • There was a moment where I can't breathe and I thought I was dying. Adui. It was SUPER uncomfortable. SUPER SUPER uncomfy moment (later on few weeks post surgery then only my husband said that was the time when they start to cut me open)
  • They push push my stomach. Haha. Terus nda susah lagi mo bernafas. LOL
  • My baby didn't cry when he came out, too comfy. He only cried when he was being cleaned.
  • After all those, then only I feel drowsy and I felt so tired

My first time meeting Aaron. I thought I would cry like those other birthing moments. But I am more stunned to actually know that my baby is now out. Hahaha. Terkajut bah!

Then of course the recovery post op was very unpleasant. I could not feel my legs for at least 5 to 6 hours. I am constantly on pain killer. For the first 24 hours, I am on bed rest with a catheter to drain my urine. I can't hold my baby like other SVD moms could as I was high on painkiller and still half paralyzed.

It was only by nightfall that they put my baby next to me start suckling. In which another frustration comes as I am a first time mother, no breast milk yet and I just had a c section. The hormones doesn't kick in as fast as the SVD moms. Oh well, cuddle time saja la. 

Thank you to those who made an effort to visit me at the hospital. After the whole experience, I see people around me in a new light especially my husband. I saw another side of him that I never seen before and I love him more for that. 

Yah, horrible face post operation. But my kudou still on fleek. Hahaha. sempat bah pigi bikin kening sebelum beranak

Andui kasian bah have to put up on the sofa saja, sajuk lagi tu aircon tu.

We are so happy to see our bundle of joy. I am embracing everything like a trainwreck. I am also so thankful to my family (especially Mom) who went for the extra mile in helping me to take care of the baby, the tips and guides. My family is a good team for taking care of me and the baby during the confinement and during my meltdowns.

Me and the mister are embracing the sleepless nights, aching arms and nappy changes like a noob. Kasian bah! First time parents kan. But it gets better every day lah. That's the mantra.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Waiting game

I am back in Tamparuli to prepare for the arrival of the little one. I thought I have the patience and actually built for the waiting game since I do not have any major problems throughout all the three trimesters.

BUT, this waiting period for delivery time. 36 weeks onwards and I am on my 38th week now. GOD! It is frustrating. ESPECIALLY when people keep telling you that

  • they could give birth as early as 36th week, 
  • their baby is engaged as early as 34th week. 
  • they have back pain, struggling to walk etc

I on the other hand is like, why the hell none of this is actually happening and now I am on my 38th week.

Left to Right : 36th, 37th, 38th week. Ada turun sudah ka tu belly? Huhu

Updates for now

  • Baby's head is still not engaging at the birth canal
  • Doctor said low chances of normal delivery
  • People keep asking when I am giving birth ( how should I know)
  • Then when I mentioned that I might be considering a c-section due to the shape of my pelvic opening (as suggested by my gynae), kena roll eyes and they question why don't wanna try normal delivery


I am so tired of all this. I am not tired being pregnant, I still can walk, dance, climb stairs and what not. Physically I am not tired. But when it comes to socializing, it is like an emotional massacre. They judge you even before you have done something. Punya la.

Malas sa begini oh.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Back to work

Been waiting for the dust to settle down but the dust seems to be linger around forever. I reported back to my teaching duty on the 15th of February. Drafted this post around a month after reporting for duty but some how until now I just can't seem to find the time to finish this blog post.

Procrastinating much? Not really. This new work place is CRAZY. It took me more than a month to get myself together. 

So, on the 15th of Feb, I set off early in the morning. So early that I could actually follow the mister out of the house before sunrise. Yes, before sunrise. Sun rise means jam here in KL. Yet, you people in East Malaysia rises way early than West Malaysia though.

Then met up with my other two friends who are also reporting for duty back again. Bahagian Tajaan it was for the first stop. Submitted our documents there.

Then next to IPGM which is next door to Bahagian Tajaan. Well, not for me because my second stop supposed to be the Bahagian Sumber Manusia in Putrajaya. Just accompanying my friends because one of them is a lecturer for IPG

Finally, second stop is here at the Bahagian Sumber Manusia where they will issue a letter on which State Education Department you will be assigned to. So many layers of bureaucracy. Hmm, that's how just things work in the government sector in Malaysia. Here is also the office where people will do appeal for their posting according to the state. I asked for Putrajaya as my first choice, Selangor second and Kuala Lumpur third. (Yes, I didn't ask for Sabah because the mister do not have the option to actually transfer back to Sabah. Boohoo! Well, it's okay then) 

So, third stop is the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri. Now the journey is a solitary journey now as two of my friends set off to the airport right after Bahagian Sumber Manusia office as both of them are going back to Sarawak. Part of me felt a little jealous knowing that they are going back to East Malaysia. Rindunya! 

It was already in the afternoon to settle all the dust for the reposting process and finally the Selangor State Education Department issued me a letter saying that I am posted to Daerah Hulu Langat, Seri Kembangan area to be exact. This is the school. It's near UPM and The Mines. A very young school. 6 years into its history and this year they only have the second batch SPM leavers. Young school indeed.

I am posted here to teach the afternoon session, the culture, community and what not is VERY different from back home. I have quite a tough time adjusting and I think it is also due to the fact that I was away from the service for more than 2 years. A LOT of adjusting to do. First week, I am here, I am constantly bombarded with the question about what race I am. In which it was kinda too much to the point of my annoyance. Tsk tsk tsk.

A new school. Smaller compared to my previous school back home. A fresh new start. Been trying to keep a low profile and just do the minimum here. I know if you are too outstanding you will be the target of every single portfolio because you know how to do things. My fellow teachers, you know this better right?

This is my work cubicle. It is very empty when I first arrived here. Hahaha. Starting to collect more "harta" now. But I am trying my best to be a minimalist. My colleagues have flower pots and flowery table covers. That is certainly not my cup of tea. Paning sa.

This school is hectic I must say. HECTIC! It is almost every Saturday we have school program (meetings etc). Mandatory weekly meeting is on Thursdays. Almost everyday we are required to work close to 10 hours. New school with new superiors who like to keep a good track record to show off to their superiors. I think this people need to learn from Sabahans on how to take life easy. Everyone is so stressed out here.

Ok, that's the introduction of my new workplace. Hahaha.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

CNY Break 2017

OK. I still can blog about my CNY break since it is still February. Hahaha. Everything is delayed nowadays. Adui. CNY has ended my CNY deco is still up. I have no time to take it down just yet.

Yee Sang time! Spot my hand (the very non chinese way of holding chopsticks is me. Hahaha)

CNY celebration is always in Penang, the mister's hometown. A major change since I got married like 3 years ago. The menu for CNY reunion dinner also is slightly different as the menu is more like Nyonya Peranakan menu style as compared to the Hakka style menu back home. My mother in law is an awesome cook!

Yummy food!

Me and the mister

More catching up with the mister's friend, more makan

So this year, I manage to squeeze in time to go back to Tamparuli after the one week in Penang. It is the ONLY time I think I will ever be back for CNY ever again before I resume work. Oh my holidays! I am gonna miss my free time.
The glorious Yam Pork, I didn't get to eat this Penang. Oh Kiu Nyuk, how I miss thee!
I also get a chance to attend the Sidma Fitness Carnival and get to see my old classmate, Azlina who is also one of the orang kuat in Sidma now.

Always love the morning view from the frontyard. So calming. I really miss Tamparuli. Never thought that I actually took for granted things that is always there last time for the years that I have been living in Tamparuli. KL city has a different view to offer everyday.

Also get to catch up with my lovely friends in SMK Tamparuli. The dream team in SMK Tamparuli back in those days. I really miss the camaraderie
Back home also there is a new addition to the family. A puppy. Mixed breed Jack Russell and Shih Tzu, a Jack-Tzu. The mischievous one, Jong Eet. He is super spoiled and full of energy. Too much energy in fact and he thinks he is a cat to actually lie down with people on the sofa.

Ahhh, I miss Tamparuli!