Thursday, January 31, 2008

down with fractions!

I was about to do my teaching planning for the day about fractions, then I came across Hot Topic that there goes this one professor (DeTurck) from the Pennsylvania University saying that fractions are all obsolete and doesn't help much in learning mathematics.

Quoted from the news

"DeTurck is stirring the pot again, this time in a book scheduled to be published this year. Not only does he favor the teaching of decimals over fractions to elementary school students, he's also taking on long division, the calculation of square roots and by-hand multiplication of long numbers."

Whew...if this is agreed upon more mathematicians then I don't have to be teaching fractions today..Haha..lagi sikit kerja. Can blog more then..ehehe

for the guys..might be helpful

How To Hide An Unwanted Erection

this site is even better than

SAG awards

SAG awards..not the Sag..sag..the one that is sagging downwards is the award ceremony. Awards is always synonymous with red carpets. Here are my best pick and worst for this one.

I love EVA! well, she is my idol anyway. But the hairstyle made she looked like that she is still living the Marilyn Monroe era. The colour of the dress is also very subtle and it really matches her skin tone. Kudos eva!

Owh and this! The wrong world of wearing Blue. It left the whole world feeling blue as ever. Yet, Amanda Bynes (left) still know how to show off her slender body but NO NO NO to this star of Hairspray. If you have big upper body especially the shoulders, DON'T wear a off-shoulder dress again la.See now, you look like a "nangka bungkus"
The Greek inspired dress or other culture inspired dress seems to be such a hit on the red carper these days. Just look at Angelina Jolie and Sandra Oh. Some fashion critics said Sandra's dress is just a NO NO. But for me it is a very creative one trying to incorporate the hanbok into an evening dress. There is room for improvment definitely but the idea if infusing culture and couture is just SO fabulous! I am just hoping one day I can see a KadazanDusun inspired dress to be walking down the red carpets in Tinseltown. SOMEDAY~maybe...
too bad I am not a fashion designer...huhuhu

wanna buy me?

The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

Found the calculator from Dazeree's blog. But, the value! It really bothers me a lot..murah juga. But not to worry la I guess. No one wanna kidnap me la like dat. Ransom money can't even pay for one car, let alone a mansion.ahahaha

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 beloved country

Oh man, I love this country

I called it the land of political absurdity

Full of ludicrousness amid stupidity

First in the pipeline is Mr. Badawi

The country's fifth Perdana Menteri

Hailed from notable ulama's family

In that spirit he created a new Islam Hadhari

The so-called modern Islam resembling Turkey

Some touted it as Islam Ada Hari

When the original Islam turned awry.

He loves to travel in style like big celebrity

Making grand entrance in any opportunity

So he insisted a private jet paid by Treasury

He got it despite hullabaloo by bloggers community

He said the government didn't purchase it out rightly

The government is leasing it from SPM, a GLC

For him, this is a good strategy

By doing that he thinks he can save money

Oh yeah, he thinks people believe his story.

Perth seems to be his favourite city

Last December he opened Nasi Kandar Puteri

And then went on sailing trip with Todt of Ferrari

Back home worst flood hit Johor Kota Tinggi

17 died and 90,000 evacuated in that tragedy

But yet, the jet setting PM was outside the country

He might use remote control key.

Badawi has son-in-law by the name of Khairy

He married Badawi's daughter Nori

Recently both blessed with the baby

That has longest name in the country

I can only remember the last name, Khairy

This young chap is Pemuda Umno deputy

Claimed to have "protection" from Mr. Badawi

Has a big wish to be PM by age of forty

So he is gathering support from Putera and Puteri

At the same time accumulated wealth aggressively

Through ECM Libra and some crony

Media was at his helm through NST

Now he has potent tools – money, media and machinery

And his father-in-law alias Perdana Menteri

Meanwhile Hisham is putting up a new strategy

His keris wielding attracts flak of Malay supremacy

It backfires especially to Chinese community

His reasoning draws conclusion that he is puny

Najib is not convince Hisham to be his deputy

Najib may consider a big mouth Nazri

Provided that Rosmah is okay to work with Nazri

You know why lah, Najib takut bini.

We don't have to elaborate the story

You have to come here to enjoy the absurdity

We have quite a few funny ministers and MP

Such as hilarious Work Minister Mr. Samy

Before Hindraf he represents Indian community

The longest serving minister that heads MIC

In press conference he got agitated quite easily

When Umno conference was held on Deepavali

He said no "open house" as sign of hostility

He twisted the decision maybe after talking to Indrani

This MIC leaders share similar trait and personality

The latest one was Cameron Highland MP Mr. Devamani

He has broken ranks with fellow BN MP

When he accused government not doing enough for Indian community

After meeting with BN Whip, he regretted and say sorry.

Let me continue my story

Well, you probably have heard it already

About the biggest anti-government rally

Not exactly same scale as 98 Reformasi

On Nov 10 more than 40,000 flooded the city

To protest unfair election practice against EC

Dirty ruling party tactics are legendary

Short-notice on Election Day is customary

Just a day before Pak Lah was basking in glory

In annual affair of UMNO general assembly

Full of hypocrisy and puji-memuji

Pak Lah shouted it loud "don't challenge me"

Despite threats and warning from Pak Lah and Khairy

People are defiant and take no heed from Badawi

They chanted God is Great, Daulat Tuanku and Reformasi

November is a month of illegal assembly

School holidays thus parents are quite free.

The rally was given wide publicity

The rally was headlined in Al Jazeera and BBC

Foreign media questioned our brand of democracy

Water cannon and tear gas were fired indiscriminately

Umno leaders are in denial state naturally

Such as Zam who head the Info Ministry

Zam was trembling uncharacteristically

In an interview that becoming laughing stock in the country

Scrambling for words and chew out frantically

He can't censor it as we are in digital technology

You can just Google or YouTube easily.

Well that is one example of political absurdity

What do you expect from half past six menteri

Some are in complete ignorance and dreary

Some will resort to unthinkable publicity

Giving broom as reward never in history

Some will slaughter cows in parliament for kenduri

To celebrate the matrimony of our own Sleeping Beauty

Another stupid joke by backbencher MPs.

You can't find this in your country

A journalist like Michael Backman will agree

So many things to write for your Daily

No wonder he keeps coming here for juicy story

Malay tabloids prefer to write about ghost and celebrity

That's saleable among ordinary

Maybe they got sick of constant spat by political party

They prefer to idolise people like Siti or Mawi

Do you think they care who is their MP?

ooo..i work for the government as well okay..posted this just to share and let others judge for it. Those eligible to vote, take time to ponder..tidak lama lagi pilihanraya tu...ahaha. With the promise of development coming to Sabah under the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC). Everything is put to stake now, each side is trying to put their best foot forward to win the hearts of the people especially in Sabah.

GOOD or BAD, you decide :P

tiang gol bola baling or bola keranjang..mana betul?

When I watched TV3's news last night, it was reported that a school boy sustained serious injuries to his head after the tiang gol bola baling fell on him . Initially, he was playing at the tiang gol and his feet got stuck at the net. Then, his friends tried to free him but the tiang gol fell and hit him on the head instead..

But today, reported this pula...

SUNGAI PETANI: A Year Four pupil died of head injuries after a basketball pole fell on him while he was playing in his school.

Abdul Azim Abdul Haris, 10, from SK Sri Wang near here, died at about 7.20pm at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital, about seven hours after the incident on Tuesday.

Housewife Suriah Zainol, 38, said her son was playing basketball with his friends after school when the incident happened.

She said she received a telephone call at about 1.30pm from the school informing her that her son was injured after a basketball pole had fallen on him.

She and her husband, Abdul Haris Ahmad, 42, then went to the school and rushed their son, with the help of teachers, to a private hospital here.

Her son, who was unconscious, was later transferred to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital at about 4pm.

He died without regaining consciousness.

So, mana yang betul ni?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


who can forget the moments of the musical concert on that faithful night. Well, i know, almost all of us, not professional singers or musicians. On that humble stage, simple decoration, but really really powerful presence of God, it made the whole concert a successful one.

Been practicing for a good two weeks, the team (me, my cuzzies and my friends). The concert was divided into 4 main parts. First, introduction *with warming up songs*,then praises, adoration and closing..

But the most interesting part was the adoration. Damn, for me, it was a bit creepy. First time when I was singing, some people started crying. Then other songs proceed, things getting more and more intense till a few fainted. Second time I sang, towards the end of the song, someone went into a hysteria, shouts so sharp and piercing. The hysterical shouting went on until the next song...whew. *meremang bulu roma o*. And unexplained, I cried after singing my song that time. Touched by the holy spirit...*maybe*

not bad for someone who almost wanted to be an atheist before huh? God has His own plans maybe

voice of an angel

for real! this is the first time that I hear someone could sing like this..totally like an angel. Watch and judge for your self..

Monday, January 28, 2008

please help! everything is gone mysteriously

I know there is someone out there who is SO expert in this computer thingy to share something on this matter. Well, my data inside my hard drive keep on disappearing. First, my pictures in my pc's hard disk. *maybe that one can be rationalize because the pc is old and most probably attacked by virus*

But, now it is my portable hard disk, 3 of my picture folders are all gone *the pictures inside, the folder is still there* and 1 folder, the songs all gone inside *poof! just like that*. All the folders is still there, its just that the data inside the folder is gone. The last time I checked when I plugged it in with my laptop, it was still okay and intact. NOW, no more...wawawawawa..Could it also be I have plugged in the portable hard disk to an infected pc or laptop?

Anyone, help me..please!!!

Renaldo Lapuz...the unsung hero *literally*

Renaldo Lapuz...I mean WOW..haha..funny in a way but he is truly my hero..*grin*

if you watch his audition from the start till the end, you will know what I mean. I never seen such innocence in my life. the judges laughed at him at first, but he just smiled and control his composure..

the singing started...and man, those TV people was laughing at him, but he kept on singing. *Yes, I know his singing sucks but still who have the courage and strength to face the 3 tough judges of American Idol especially SIMON*

...and he really do love Simon.. Simon on his hat, Simon on his head, Simon all over..he adores Simon..hehehe. *I thought everybody don't like Simon, but some people do love him also.hehe*

Renaldo hero of self esteem..*I heard that he is Asian too, Filipino to be that true?*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


no postings tonyte! am so tired...battery went flat

Monday, January 21, 2008

receive the power

this song is so powerful, it really gives me goosebumps everytime we sing it.

been practicing almost every night for our own upcoming Tuaran Youth Day; a journey to the Sabah Youth Day. which is also to coincide with the happening of World Youth Day in australia in July. The practice is for the concert on the evening of 26th January. So anyone who can drop by and give support are most welcomed!

I really salute the composer of this song because it really do have such power to move people( well, at least for me).

Try paying attention to the chorus part

"Alleluia, Alleluia
Receive the power, from the HOly SpiRit
Alleluia, Alleluia
Receive the power, to be a light unto the world.."

Sunday, January 20, 2008

what hurts

what hurts? everything..

what hurts? changes..

what hurts? I don't know. it's practically everything and as much as I told myself to be strong. I failed. as much as I tried to keep my head up, I failed.

Ooooh..I havent shed a tear, I guess it's part of why its still building up inside and eating from within.

Cry and you will feel better...but I just can't!

muacks darling!

You're a Romantic Kisser

For you, kissing is all about feeling the romance
You love to kiss under the stars or by the sea
The perfect kiss involves the perfect mood
It's pretty common for kisses to sweep you off your feet

kucing jatuh dari langit

poor kitty. yesterday I was at the St John's church parish house having lunch. Then as we were resting and chatting., suddenly there was something..

it fell down from the ceiling to the cold-hard-cement floor. poor thing! it was a baby, baby kitten. After that, I can hear the mother cat mewing from the hole of the ceiling.

The baby kitten was still alive when my friend lift it from the floor and put it on a box, so that the dogs wont go and eat it. The kitten's breath is shallow and it didn't make any sound.

Anyone who studied maths can count the amount of impact that the kitten had gone through. The height for man alone can kill sometimes and most cases can result in severe injuries...and now this, the impact can shatter every bone in its body and smash the organs inside as well.

We can't do anything with the kitty as well, and the mother cat didn't bother to go down and check out its baby. So, before we left the place to proceed with our scheduled program, I took a look at the kitty.

It was so heart-wrenching for me, I guess the kitty was in severe pain. But it can't mew, just shallow breath...and the pain was so intense that the kitty "terberak" to tahan the pain. saliva was coming out from the mouth. maybe the kitty is only a few days old also because the umbilical cord of the kitty is still attached to it.

I said a silent prayer so that the kitty wouldnt be in so much pain. I am not sure wether the kitty died or not but I just hope it didn't suffer so much.
the kitty's fur look more or less like this

Saturday, January 19, 2008

through the time

the news of our group Black Mermaid to perform again in a 60's themed party made me so excited..haha

so I googled up 60's fashion and I was so fascinated by the era's fashion...I never thought this so-called sack dress can look so hot these days..

oooh...and the hair do as well.
it seems everything fit so well in the fashion settings now.

erm...maybe this one is not hot..bouffant hairstyle

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i belong to the universe

indeed. everything you can only plan, send out the message to the universe to do it.but in the end, it very much depends how the universe will respond to it.

been getting comfy with the new daily routine that am doin now. life as a school teacher. not that, i am not proud for being one of the many educator in this nation, but i just hate politics at work place. and it is something that i can't run away from.

first, i was given to teach Maths and after agonizing about it for about a week, my prayers had been answered. i could teach science and biology for the upper secondary. more work to do, but it is my forte, so there is not so much of a problem doing things that you love.

then come the change, an order from your superior to teach another subject which I dreaded the most. Maths. again. aduh..still in planning tapi this breaking news really bothers me a lot. and just because I don't have the seniority in my post I would be on the top of the list to be kicked around like a ball. *Damn

whatever the reason is, I just can't get it. Why there is no chance for me to prove that I am worthy for my job?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

if only...

sabahans are always known to be "pindik-pindik tagap". the genetic traits that is inherited by the ancestors made us very unique, not only to the world, but also to our fellow other malaysians.

but i just cant help not to be complaining about this, because I just don't like my legs. My friends describe it as a "footballers legs" and yes I do have a very noticeable and significant calf muscle especially when am wearing heels...ugh so ugly!

if only...if only..if only

i have...

mariah's award winnning legs
or rihanna's a million dollars worth of legs

or this super-sexy-desperate housewives-star...EVA!

*do u notice that these stars also not-so-very-the-tall..hihihi*

Monday, January 14, 2008

kindly read everyone can be flying!

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is your captain Hiten Raja speaking.

Welcoming both seated and standing passengers on board of Air India.

We apologize for the four-day delay in taking off, it was due to bad weather and so
me overtime I had to put in at the bakery.

This is flight 717 to Mumbai. Landing there is not guaranteed, but we will end up somewhere in India. And, if luck is in our favour, we may even be landing on your village.

Air India has an excellent safety-record. In fact, our safety standards are so high, that even terrorists are afraid to fly with us!

It is with pleasure; I announce that, starting this year, over 30% of our passengers have reached their destination.

If our engines are too noisy for you, on passenger request, we can arrange to turn them off.

To make your free fall to earth pleasant and memorable, we serve complimentary DARU and Wada pau.

For our not-so-religious passengers, we are the only airline who can help you find out if there really is a God.

We regret to inform you, that today's in-flight movie ( Ghar Ghar Ki Khani and Kyuki Saas bhi ) will not be shown as we forgot to record it from the television.

However, for our movie buffs, we will be flying right next to Emirates Airline, where their movie will be visible from the right side of the cabin window.

There is no smoking allowed in this airplane. Any smoke you see in the cabin is only the early warning system on the engines telling us to slow down.

In order to catch important landmarks, we try to fly as close as possible for the best view. If however, we go a little too close, do let us know.

Our enthusiastic co-pilot sometimes flies right through the landmark.

Kindly be seated, keep your seat in an upright position for take-off and fasten your seat-belt. For those of you who can't find a seat-belt, kindly fasten your own belt to the arm of your seat. And, for those of you who can't find a seat, do not hesitate to get in touch with a stewardess who will explain how to fasten yourself to your suitcase.'


Sunday, January 13, 2008

ni bahaya ni

You Are an Ice Cream Cake

Surprising, unique, and high maintenance. *note the high maintenance ppl! am I?
You're one of a kind, and you don't want anyone to forget it. *this is SO VERY TRUE..ahaks
You're fun in small doses, but it's easy for people to overdose on you! *muahaha

muka budak

when I got the breaking news about the change for my teaching timetable, I said to myself..hmmm..I guess my prayers had been answered

I was given to teach Science Form 4 and Biology for both upper and lower Six. But I was told they MIGHT be some changes in the very near time soon.


then when I did the handover of the class with the last teacher in charge of the subject. I was told that I still look like a "budak"aka student.

hmmmph....*grumble grumble

During the last "merentas desa" activity at school, I was in plain clothes, so being a new teacher, not all the students know you. So I heard the kids were saying that I am a Form Six student.

again..hmmph...*extra grumble grumble

I don't know wether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

I am a teacher now but I am not seen as one...

what to do?

You Act Like You Are 21 Years Old

You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel like an adult, and you're optimistic about life.
You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

You're still figuring out your place in the world and how you want your life to shape up.
The world is full of possibilities, and you can't wait to explore many of them.

closing time

Just when you have ideas to write about, then comes the heavy weights on the eyelids. *sigh ~ yawn I AM sleepy...its almost 1 am anyway. damn eyes! but my brain is still so active

and since yesterday, my right eye keep on twitching. Anyone can explain about this? It is on and off, but what could be causing it? Not enough sleep? My mom said it may be caused by this situation; that I still got things that should be bought. Means there are more shopping to be done..

what the heck? and she said the solution is to put anything red over my eyelid...hmmm..what la? red eyeshadow...?
like this? hahahaha

Thursday, January 10, 2008

so long for now

now that I have to leave..the friendship are here to stay. I was just so grateful that i had the chance to work closely with this bunch of people. i just can't figure it out how can they always be so jovial.a new group of friends that I can say made me closer to my roots and where I am from. makan makan at mcd...I gobbled two burgers that time
makan makan at anjung-dunno-wat-the name dat..sana tanjung lipat ba..apa tu nama dia?
san san and me...same frequency-really can tune in together...
pic during orientation...on top of the hill at nature reserve..zaman belum fit lagi for the lifeguards dis..haha
recent the activity information centre.AIC (rudee, me, rusinah)
it was so SUNNY!
the Recreation Department (Ocean Wing)
me n my walkie talkie
with the NIC ppl..melvin and zeno

and here we were being silly at the AIC..what a way to spend my last day of working there

comel kan the three of us? hahaha
nick...our fave bartender...i still remember champagne...nda guna betul!! haha

the 4 months I spent there is quite short compared to the others, but it was a great place to learn, to be humble, to experience new things and above all to have great friends that treat you like family...ermm...I think minus some of the bosses la..haha

oh wait ...wait a minute mister postman

one mail changes everything..only one official letter it will take to change the path of your life.

the day I received the letter to change my career and be a teacher, really made everything different..

for I have been waiting for quite some time for that notification and at the same time took the time off to withdraw from the academic world. then i took a plunge to try my hands on hospitality and tourism industry

it wasn't that bad and I was at the verge of making a decision that I would leave the prospect of being an educator forever. the end I chose to be one of them.the most noble job on earth...(at least this is what I think)

the story of christmas its more than the 12 days of Christmas already but here are the happenings during the joyous season recently. ..

(picture blogging in action!)
spot the not! divas and divos during carols by candlelight 2007

...and as the joy of the season was the first time that all my cousins could gather together during christmas..the next big gathering will only be 2 years from savour the youthful looks in this picture..
oooh..the baby is my youngest cousin barely three months old...macam mother pula oredi there..m the oldest there btw

sisters during christmas eve!
my sisters and my cousins being goofy
one for the picture

and on christmas day...all were looking SOO fine! (manage to go for christmas day mass that day though had to rush for work after public holiday for me on that day!)
the JOANs
again..sumandak - sumandak tamparuli
the stars of the night..karaoke till 2, what a party..lets drink and have a very merry christmas!
pimp? erks..NOT! ..thanx for coming (my colleagues from work)
and the party the new year!

it was a blast! a JOYOUS christmas and AMAZING new year