Wednesday, January 30, 2008 beloved country

Oh man, I love this country

I called it the land of political absurdity

Full of ludicrousness amid stupidity

First in the pipeline is Mr. Badawi

The country's fifth Perdana Menteri

Hailed from notable ulama's family

In that spirit he created a new Islam Hadhari

The so-called modern Islam resembling Turkey

Some touted it as Islam Ada Hari

When the original Islam turned awry.

He loves to travel in style like big celebrity

Making grand entrance in any opportunity

So he insisted a private jet paid by Treasury

He got it despite hullabaloo by bloggers community

He said the government didn't purchase it out rightly

The government is leasing it from SPM, a GLC

For him, this is a good strategy

By doing that he thinks he can save money

Oh yeah, he thinks people believe his story.

Perth seems to be his favourite city

Last December he opened Nasi Kandar Puteri

And then went on sailing trip with Todt of Ferrari

Back home worst flood hit Johor Kota Tinggi

17 died and 90,000 evacuated in that tragedy

But yet, the jet setting PM was outside the country

He might use remote control key.

Badawi has son-in-law by the name of Khairy

He married Badawi's daughter Nori

Recently both blessed with the baby

That has longest name in the country

I can only remember the last name, Khairy

This young chap is Pemuda Umno deputy

Claimed to have "protection" from Mr. Badawi

Has a big wish to be PM by age of forty

So he is gathering support from Putera and Puteri

At the same time accumulated wealth aggressively

Through ECM Libra and some crony

Media was at his helm through NST

Now he has potent tools – money, media and machinery

And his father-in-law alias Perdana Menteri

Meanwhile Hisham is putting up a new strategy

His keris wielding attracts flak of Malay supremacy

It backfires especially to Chinese community

His reasoning draws conclusion that he is puny

Najib is not convince Hisham to be his deputy

Najib may consider a big mouth Nazri

Provided that Rosmah is okay to work with Nazri

You know why lah, Najib takut bini.

We don't have to elaborate the story

You have to come here to enjoy the absurdity

We have quite a few funny ministers and MP

Such as hilarious Work Minister Mr. Samy

Before Hindraf he represents Indian community

The longest serving minister that heads MIC

In press conference he got agitated quite easily

When Umno conference was held on Deepavali

He said no "open house" as sign of hostility

He twisted the decision maybe after talking to Indrani

This MIC leaders share similar trait and personality

The latest one was Cameron Highland MP Mr. Devamani

He has broken ranks with fellow BN MP

When he accused government not doing enough for Indian community

After meeting with BN Whip, he regretted and say sorry.

Let me continue my story

Well, you probably have heard it already

About the biggest anti-government rally

Not exactly same scale as 98 Reformasi

On Nov 10 more than 40,000 flooded the city

To protest unfair election practice against EC

Dirty ruling party tactics are legendary

Short-notice on Election Day is customary

Just a day before Pak Lah was basking in glory

In annual affair of UMNO general assembly

Full of hypocrisy and puji-memuji

Pak Lah shouted it loud "don't challenge me"

Despite threats and warning from Pak Lah and Khairy

People are defiant and take no heed from Badawi

They chanted God is Great, Daulat Tuanku and Reformasi

November is a month of illegal assembly

School holidays thus parents are quite free.

The rally was given wide publicity

The rally was headlined in Al Jazeera and BBC

Foreign media questioned our brand of democracy

Water cannon and tear gas were fired indiscriminately

Umno leaders are in denial state naturally

Such as Zam who head the Info Ministry

Zam was trembling uncharacteristically

In an interview that becoming laughing stock in the country

Scrambling for words and chew out frantically

He can't censor it as we are in digital technology

You can just Google or YouTube easily.

Well that is one example of political absurdity

What do you expect from half past six menteri

Some are in complete ignorance and dreary

Some will resort to unthinkable publicity

Giving broom as reward never in history

Some will slaughter cows in parliament for kenduri

To celebrate the matrimony of our own Sleeping Beauty

Another stupid joke by backbencher MPs.

You can't find this in your country

A journalist like Michael Backman will agree

So many things to write for your Daily

No wonder he keeps coming here for juicy story

Malay tabloids prefer to write about ghost and celebrity

That's saleable among ordinary

Maybe they got sick of constant spat by political party

They prefer to idolise people like Siti or Mawi

Do you think they care who is their MP?

ooo..i work for the government as well okay..posted this just to share and let others judge for it. Those eligible to vote, take time to ponder..tidak lama lagi pilihanraya tu...ahaha. With the promise of development coming to Sabah under the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC). Everything is put to stake now, each side is trying to put their best foot forward to win the hearts of the people especially in Sabah.

GOOD or BAD, you decide :P

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