Sunday, January 20, 2008

kucing jatuh dari langit

poor kitty. yesterday I was at the St John's church parish house having lunch. Then as we were resting and chatting., suddenly there was something..

it fell down from the ceiling to the cold-hard-cement floor. poor thing! it was a baby, baby kitten. After that, I can hear the mother cat mewing from the hole of the ceiling.

The baby kitten was still alive when my friend lift it from the floor and put it on a box, so that the dogs wont go and eat it. The kitten's breath is shallow and it didn't make any sound.

Anyone who studied maths can count the amount of impact that the kitten had gone through. The height for man alone can kill sometimes and most cases can result in severe injuries...and now this, the impact can shatter every bone in its body and smash the organs inside as well.

We can't do anything with the kitty as well, and the mother cat didn't bother to go down and check out its baby. So, before we left the place to proceed with our scheduled program, I took a look at the kitty.

It was so heart-wrenching for me, I guess the kitty was in severe pain. But it can't mew, just shallow breath...and the pain was so intense that the kitty "terberak" to tahan the pain. saliva was coming out from the mouth. maybe the kitty is only a few days old also because the umbilical cord of the kitty is still attached to it.

I said a silent prayer so that the kitty wouldnt be in so much pain. I am not sure wether the kitty died or not but I just hope it didn't suffer so much.
the kitty's fur look more or less like this

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