Monday, January 28, 2008

please help! everything is gone mysteriously

I know there is someone out there who is SO expert in this computer thingy to share something on this matter. Well, my data inside my hard drive keep on disappearing. First, my pictures in my pc's hard disk. *maybe that one can be rationalize because the pc is old and most probably attacked by virus*

But, now it is my portable hard disk, 3 of my picture folders are all gone *the pictures inside, the folder is still there* and 1 folder, the songs all gone inside *poof! just like that*. All the folders is still there, its just that the data inside the folder is gone. The last time I checked when I plugged it in with my laptop, it was still okay and intact. NOW, no more...wawawawawa..Could it also be I have plugged in the portable hard disk to an infected pc or laptop?

Anyone, help me..please!!!


Incognito said...

Hi Joan...I don't remember whether I have intro myself or not...I am alvin . So Your Pc is absolutely Virused...usually no other reason for file to just lost. Sometime they are not lost but just hidden. So try go to Tools>Folder option>View>show hidden file...might help. Or just use Kaspersky Antivirus...huhu

Anonymous said...

switch off that pc before anything else goes missing. its hdd need to plugged in to a clean computer to be fixed. most likely malware/virus attack, since your other drive (i'm assuming that one has no physical problems) also experiencing the same thing after being plugged in.