Thursday, January 10, 2008

oh wait ...wait a minute mister postman

one mail changes everything..only one official letter it will take to change the path of your life.

the day I received the letter to change my career and be a teacher, really made everything different..

for I have been waiting for quite some time for that notification and at the same time took the time off to withdraw from the academic world. then i took a plunge to try my hands on hospitality and tourism industry

it wasn't that bad and I was at the verge of making a decision that I would leave the prospect of being an educator forever. the end I chose to be one of them.the most noble job on earth...(at least this is what I think)


Earthy Emily said...

It is a noble job :). Ko kena posting di mana?

Joan said...

same skul wit connie..smk tamparuli

FredDass said...

Cikgu, gud luck in ur profession..!! Jadi Cikgu Math la ko ni kan..Huhuhu..