Sunday, January 13, 2008

muka budak

when I got the breaking news about the change for my teaching timetable, I said to myself..hmmm..I guess my prayers had been answered

I was given to teach Science Form 4 and Biology for both upper and lower Six. But I was told they MIGHT be some changes in the very near time soon.


then when I did the handover of the class with the last teacher in charge of the subject. I was told that I still look like a "budak"aka student.

hmmmph....*grumble grumble

During the last "merentas desa" activity at school, I was in plain clothes, so being a new teacher, not all the students know you. So I heard the kids were saying that I am a Form Six student.

again..hmmph...*extra grumble grumble

I don't know wether to take that as a compliment or an insult.

I am a teacher now but I am not seen as one...

what to do?

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Dazeree Joan said...

LOL. same here. last time teachg prctical, i try so hard not to look like one of the students. even harder coz i'm 5ft nothing. Where r u teaching?

Joan said...

d smk..skul terchenta dazeree..yang paling dekat rumah saya.u know la dat where kan

FredDass said...

I think it is a compliment not an insult la.. Looked younger than ur chronological age, siok apa.. Awet muda ka ni Joan?

Dazeree Joan said...

joan: oh that one. hehe. i think its weird to be teaching where u once learned. for me la. haha.

freddass: of course it's a compliment. *grin* but sometimes it makes its hard to earn credibility from having "muka budak".