Monday, January 28, 2008

Renaldo Lapuz...the unsung hero *literally*

Renaldo Lapuz...I mean WOW..haha..funny in a way but he is truly my hero..*grin*

if you watch his audition from the start till the end, you will know what I mean. I never seen such innocence in my life. the judges laughed at him at first, but he just smiled and control his composure..

the singing started...and man, those TV people was laughing at him, but he kept on singing. *Yes, I know his singing sucks but still who have the courage and strength to face the 3 tough judges of American Idol especially SIMON*

...and he really do love Simon.. Simon on his hat, Simon on his head, Simon all over..he adores Simon..hehehe. *I thought everybody don't like Simon, but some people do love him also.hehe*

Renaldo hero of self esteem..*I heard that he is Asian too, Filipino to be that true?*

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