Wednesday, January 30, 2008

tiang gol bola baling or bola keranjang..mana betul?

When I watched TV3's news last night, it was reported that a school boy sustained serious injuries to his head after the tiang gol bola baling fell on him . Initially, he was playing at the tiang gol and his feet got stuck at the net. Then, his friends tried to free him but the tiang gol fell and hit him on the head instead..

But today, reported this pula...

SUNGAI PETANI: A Year Four pupil died of head injuries after a basketball pole fell on him while he was playing in his school.

Abdul Azim Abdul Haris, 10, from SK Sri Wang near here, died at about 7.20pm at the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital, about seven hours after the incident on Tuesday.

Housewife Suriah Zainol, 38, said her son was playing basketball with his friends after school when the incident happened.

She said she received a telephone call at about 1.30pm from the school informing her that her son was injured after a basketball pole had fallen on him.

She and her husband, Abdul Haris Ahmad, 42, then went to the school and rushed their son, with the help of teachers, to a private hospital here.

Her son, who was unconscious, was later transferred to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital at about 4pm.

He died without regaining consciousness.

So, mana yang betul ni?


seweng said...

yeah...i noticed these conflicting reports oso yesterday...bikin confuse jgk kdg2 this media...

Unknown said...

Hep. u've got the wrong infomation. i knew everything. it was tiang bola baling. N the mother's name is Suriya and not Suriyah. Don't believe 100% what news reported. Thanks :)