Thursday, January 17, 2008

i belong to the universe

indeed. everything you can only plan, send out the message to the universe to do it.but in the end, it very much depends how the universe will respond to it.

been getting comfy with the new daily routine that am doin now. life as a school teacher. not that, i am not proud for being one of the many educator in this nation, but i just hate politics at work place. and it is something that i can't run away from.

first, i was given to teach Maths and after agonizing about it for about a week, my prayers had been answered. i could teach science and biology for the upper secondary. more work to do, but it is my forte, so there is not so much of a problem doing things that you love.

then come the change, an order from your superior to teach another subject which I dreaded the most. Maths. again. aduh..still in planning tapi this breaking news really bothers me a lot. and just because I don't have the seniority in my post I would be on the top of the list to be kicked around like a ball. *Damn

whatever the reason is, I just can't get it. Why there is no chance for me to prove that I am worthy for my job?

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