Thursday, January 10, 2008

the story of christmas its more than the 12 days of Christmas already but here are the happenings during the joyous season recently. ..

(picture blogging in action!)
spot the not! divas and divos during carols by candlelight 2007

...and as the joy of the season was the first time that all my cousins could gather together during christmas..the next big gathering will only be 2 years from savour the youthful looks in this picture..
oooh..the baby is my youngest cousin barely three months old...macam mother pula oredi there..m the oldest there btw

sisters during christmas eve!
my sisters and my cousins being goofy
one for the picture

and on christmas day...all were looking SOO fine! (manage to go for christmas day mass that day though had to rush for work after public holiday for me on that day!)
the JOANs
again..sumandak - sumandak tamparuli
the stars of the night..karaoke till 2, what a party..lets drink and have a very merry christmas!
pimp? erks..NOT! ..thanx for coming (my colleagues from work)
and the party the new year!

it was a blast! a JOYOUS christmas and AMAZING new year

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