Thursday, January 31, 2008

SAG awards

SAG awards..not the Sag..sag..the one that is sagging downwards is the award ceremony. Awards is always synonymous with red carpets. Here are my best pick and worst for this one.

I love EVA! well, she is my idol anyway. But the hairstyle made she looked like that she is still living the Marilyn Monroe era. The colour of the dress is also very subtle and it really matches her skin tone. Kudos eva!

Owh and this! The wrong world of wearing Blue. It left the whole world feeling blue as ever. Yet, Amanda Bynes (left) still know how to show off her slender body but NO NO NO to this star of Hairspray. If you have big upper body especially the shoulders, DON'T wear a off-shoulder dress again la.See now, you look like a "nangka bungkus"
The Greek inspired dress or other culture inspired dress seems to be such a hit on the red carper these days. Just look at Angelina Jolie and Sandra Oh. Some fashion critics said Sandra's dress is just a NO NO. But for me it is a very creative one trying to incorporate the hanbok into an evening dress. There is room for improvment definitely but the idea if infusing culture and couture is just SO fabulous! I am just hoping one day I can see a KadazanDusun inspired dress to be walking down the red carpets in Tinseltown. SOMEDAY~maybe...
too bad I am not a fashion designer...huhuhu

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