Thursday, January 10, 2008

so long for now

now that I have to leave..the friendship are here to stay. I was just so grateful that i had the chance to work closely with this bunch of people. i just can't figure it out how can they always be so jovial.a new group of friends that I can say made me closer to my roots and where I am from. makan makan at mcd...I gobbled two burgers that time
makan makan at anjung-dunno-wat-the name dat..sana tanjung lipat ba..apa tu nama dia?
san san and me...same frequency-really can tune in together...
pic during orientation...on top of the hill at nature reserve..zaman belum fit lagi for the lifeguards dis..haha
recent the activity information centre.AIC (rudee, me, rusinah)
it was so SUNNY!
the Recreation Department (Ocean Wing)
me n my walkie talkie
with the NIC ppl..melvin and zeno

and here we were being silly at the AIC..what a way to spend my last day of working there

comel kan the three of us? hahaha
nick...our fave bartender...i still remember champagne...nda guna betul!! haha

the 4 months I spent there is quite short compared to the others, but it was a great place to learn, to be humble, to experience new things and above all to have great friends that treat you like family...ermm...I think minus some of the bosses la..haha

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