Tuesday, January 29, 2008


who can forget the moments of the musical concert on that faithful night. Well, i know, almost all of us, not professional singers or musicians. On that humble stage, simple decoration, but really really powerful presence of God, it made the whole concert a successful one.

Been practicing for a good two weeks, the team (me, my cuzzies and my friends). The concert was divided into 4 main parts. First, introduction *with warming up songs*,then praises, adoration and closing..

But the most interesting part was the adoration. Damn, for me, it was a bit creepy. First time when I was singing, some people started crying. Then other songs proceed, things getting more and more intense till a few fainted. Second time I sang, towards the end of the song, someone went into a hysteria, shouts so sharp and piercing. The hysterical shouting went on until the next song...whew. *meremang bulu roma o*. And unexplained, I cried after singing my song that time. Touched by the holy spirit...*maybe*

not bad for someone who almost wanted to be an atheist before huh? God has His own plans maybe

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Incognito said...

Mmmm...you sound like me...almost an atheist...I guess I know that feeling. If it ok for you...boleh tak open commenting for non google. because I am from wordpress.huhu