Friday, October 31, 2008

I GOTa call

credit card/ debit card thingy la... like usual

it's not the annoying because i can just let the fella talk and yada yada without me even listening.


but one thing that irks me a lot is when the fella said

cik *****, boleh travel pegi mana2 seluruh Malaysia termasuk sabah dan sarawak.

hello, what does that mean anyway?

Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak.

Someone's geography really sucks man!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


is the only word now. damn i hate the period when it is nearing the school holidays.

A LOT of things to do with SO LITTLE time

why did they wanna wait until the last minute to do it then.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

private part

and this reminds me of a true story told by someone {can't remember the details but it goes something like this

in a training of some uniformed units in school

This is Private Lee reporting

This is Private Lim reporting

This is Private Pat [as in p.a.r.t] reporting

burst of laughter

Monday, October 27, 2008

me me me

happy deepavali people

still a cloudy day. I am so lazy. it's cold.

stomachache, toilet rounds again. Damn!

there are quite a few tags to do, but still. Lazy.


some people + getting married = sadness + WTH??

The equation that only certain people can understand.

If only things are different.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

overhaul mode

I certainly heart cupcakes *period*

anyway, I am on overhaul drive now. Long day but still up at this un-Godly hour. And, it is STILL raining. gosh!

Just to make your mouth water. Savour the pics of my cupcakes made for my cousin's birthday.

Lapar? [hungry?]

Friday, October 24, 2008

just before I crack

Exam papers to mark + around 160 students' papers + baking cupcakes for a birthday event + school matters on accounts and money + paper works + minutes of meetings + letters + lack of sleep + messy room + pest infestation (i hate ants!) + laundry to do + freaking ...... + worrying about ..... + somethings can't tell ya! = all this brings me to

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

under the blue skies

pics was taken around the house as well, it certainly was a sunny day with super blue skies

Saturday, October 18, 2008

please don't stop the music

The song keep playing in my head at this moment. Sheeshhh. I wonder why.

On another note, today, I had the perfect training to be a "professional housewife". Desperate housewife. Uhm..No..

Saturday morning, such an unusual determination I had today to do things. Right after breakfast, I did the house chores that includes doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen.

Cleaned my room, rearrange my closet and I found out that I really should get rid of some stuff. In another year time, the whole almari cannot fit anymore clothes.

Ok, done with chores, I cook up a storm for lunch. Did the balancing of accounts at noon. *I can manage finance too, fit to be an ideal wife? wahahaha~ok ignore that part*. Late noon, bake these.

Basically the whole day is just being rajin and I too was amazed with my determination and to top it all off. I managed NOT to take my afternoon nap. A small matter to others but it is a MAJOR achievement for me. hahaha. *LMAO*

So, am I or am I not a perfect housewife? hehe.bah mari isi borang...wakakaka

buli ba kalo ko

Got my shirts already. More info, click here
white shirt for the angelic look

and black shirt for the days that one feel rebellious

whatever day it is, i still prefer white tees, I have gone past the years where I always wear black

p.s: this post is just another excuse to flood my blog with vain pics of mine

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i am super sleepy

yes. yep. o'oh. aok. si.

super sleepy.

not capable of posting anything outta my head.

anyway, can you all guess what is this?yucky stuff eh. *advice: not for the faint-hearted*

post by my sis on her blog. click HERE to know what is it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

pmr exam starts today

i am not sitting for one la of course.

the school is far away in a town called Kiulu, nice place to go white water rafting as well. me, myself never tried it even for once. it isn't so far also but never go.

second day is tomorrow, and it's gonna be the whole day

the thing is now, I have a stomach that goes "krok..korok..korok" and spin like a washing machine. I have been running in and out of the toilet since noon.

how am I gonna cope with tomorrow if my stomach still like this. oh! susah ni

on another note, I am invigilating at another school but at my own school got one candidate broke his right arm just before the first paper started. he fell down.

talk about bad luck eh. right handed and right hand patah. cannot write!!

how to sit for exam like that?


a few years back, I don't even know what does that word mean. It turn out to be the english equivalent of "mengawas".

So tomorrow, I will be invigilating the PMR exam for one freaking week.

sigh! have to wake up early la pula..

Saturday, October 11, 2008

weekends coming and the malls are calling

Weekend is here and I am definitely longing to step my two feet on the grounds of the place called the shopping mall.

This is totally not nature calling

Oops. But funds are running LOW. *help, help, help*


Retail therapy anyone?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

tiring thursday

yes, indeed. Not to mention the heavy downpour in the afternoon. Today, i left my work place and once I reached home only I realized I didn't punched my time out.

Aiya, this is the first time oh. I NEVER forget to punch my time to go back because I am always on time to go back. Haha. This is Guru Cemerlang. About coming to work, no need to elaborate la. *shy only*

Anyway, the clouds that hung over my head for the past few days sudah hilang {gone} and my mood is recovering. Felt much better.

I have been planning to do this post, but I it was delayed and now here it is :
some local albums review *well not exactly a review la, just wanna mintapuji*

A new group that everyone should look out for --> Papier Mache.'s a 7 piece band and I am liking the genre of music that they have in their album. It's a fusion of ballads, sumazau beat, jazz touches and some "rock" kinda thing going on especially with those guitar solos on some tracks.

Nice songs and they compose their own songs too, they are definitely a melting pot of pure musical talents. I am liking track no.3: Growing in the light and track no.8: Nung olingan oku dia. Track 4: Iya om iya also 'siok'. As I said this album is an eclectic mix of songs. But, I am kinda dissapointed on why song after song in the whole album sounded kinda very generic to me thus only these 3 songs mentioned earlier stood out. *or maybe it's just my ears*Apart from that, this album is worth buying for its fresh new sound of fusion going on. You want something unique to listen to. Buy one now. If can't find on the market, let me know, I can get one for you :)
More about them [here]

Ooh, and another album that I bought recently --> Linda
Yeah, the AF star produced a Kadazan Dusun album. I saw the CDs in shops but didn't manage to buy it but thanks to her brother who is my colleague at work. He managed to get me one.

The usage of traditional instruments and the acoustic guitar for track No. 4: Oi Odu, it just blew me away. That is my fave song in this album. But, I found the lyrics in the one and only Malay song in this album to be very 'mentah', I just do not know how to explain. It just doesn't sound so right or ngam. "kita berjumpa di pesta"..lalala.something2..haha . Kinda lame I think.

All in all, her vocals is outstanding and this album brought a new dimension to me. Yes, it changes my perspective towards the local music scene. [more here]

It is so unlikely for me to buy KadazanDusun albums. *yeah, say am not patriotic with my race but what to do, colonization happens, but now am going back to my roots*.

Yet, after listening to these 2 cds (papier mache and linda), it taught me again on how to know and learn more about my own mother tongue. seriously. It really helps in building the love to learn the language that I should be using rather than the normal Malay and English.

and here's a recommendation also, always we travel to other places and buy souvenirs why not introduce our music as a souvenirs to our visitor from outside. tourism talk la ni. hehe

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

back off you people

warning: this post is so E.M.O and full of hatred. If you don't like the vibe leave now

I just don't like it when you start talking and you get ignored in a conversation. It's so plainly rude (according to my dictionary)

Me: Eh, I wanna tell you ah.. {got cut out by a yapping voice}
Person : The kedai behind that building ah..bla bla bla

Hello, you are not the only with the story okay?

I just don't like it when you are seeking sympathy and get ignored and even worse being misunderstood. It just hurt a lot more after that rather than not telling anything in the first place. Even making the wound bleed more is when your situation could be the joke of the day

I just don't like it when people start telling you on how to do things. Especially telling that out loud in-your-face and in-front-of everyone as if you are the greatest loser of all time.

Person: Your way to do this, sure can't work one..yada yada yada
Me: Ok2, maybe I can try..

It's the effort that counts and I am not the person who can't be criticized but a little acknowledgment doesn't hurt before the suggestion right? Even better DON'T compare. Everyone has their own way to do things. Just don't act like you are Mr-Know-It-All

So, back off you people. I just hate you all.

Don't agree with what I wrote, don't complain, who ask you to read until the end of the post anyway.

~I also don't like it when I am broke. wawawawawaa~

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

describe and prescribe

Seriously, not in the mood for anything. YES ..ANYTHING AT ALL.


MIA explained. I just don't feel like it.

Nothing at all. Vocab also limited.

Don't feel like doing anything

Friday, October 03, 2008

teacher by day, hooker by night

wow. I am amazed!

The teacher, a 30-something mother of two, has defended her situation to the principal, arguing what she did in her own time was no concern to him, that it was a private matter and it was not affecting her performance as a teacher. -source

and according to the report, in Auckland, teachers aren't the only one working as prostitutes on their spare time. A policewoman was also involved in this kind of activity 2 years back.

Spare time activity eh? I wonder. haha

What do you have to say when your teacher is a also a prostitute? la la

Thursday, October 02, 2008

argh! vanity attack

Got people say I am kurus {thin} here.
Secrets to that {nothing actually}.
It's just that all the martial arts training (at least 3 times a week) and bronze medallion training - anyone who took this must know what I mean (and that is at least 5 times a week)

And no dinner sometimes. You definitely can see the scale dipped below 48kg.


But that was in 2004, now, it's 2008 for goodness sake

Somemore after raya, I totally want to see the scale showing the number below 48kg again.

alamak that means I have to shed more than 5kg++(no one knows this plus2 is how much haha)

.....aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Tulung2

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

ode of raya food

Yes, I can't breath
Stuffed myself,
and ate like a goldfish
Super full

Yes, I can barely move
My waistline is infinite
and now I am a starfish
Flat on my bed

Yes, it's all because
Because of "you"
Raya food, Oh, raya food
You have defeated me

I am officially super-duper kenyang and I can't move or sit down properly

it was just 4 houses you know, my perut kecil maybe


the day before raya was a sleepy day. School's off that is the best part anyway. Somehow, I got tired watching tv. Astro is useless these few days. All filled with the Aidilfitri shows. Not that I have something against those shows but I really can't stand the soap operas pre-Aidilfitri.

I know that Ramadan is the month of keinsafan and it is deemed as bulan mulia. But, I just have one question.

Why do all the dramas on tv is all about tears and death, then only it will lead to repentance?

Only after watching like 2 dramas back to back, I got drained! Emotionally. There is too much sadness even though I "think" this Raya should bring joy to everyone. Can't they be more creative in producing something?

Stereotyping on the tube maybe. Whatever it is, I don't like those tears, cries and wailing, and everytime they have to shoot the scene at the graveyard.

Everything is so slow during the last day of fasting today, very lazy to go town. Sure jam everywhere.

Ended up playing with my pets in late afternoon. sound that they feared the most

haha. stupid dogs, you should see them during Chinese New Year [ada yang terkancing-kancing..kekeke]