Wednesday, October 01, 2008

the day before raya was a sleepy day. School's off that is the best part anyway. Somehow, I got tired watching tv. Astro is useless these few days. All filled with the Aidilfitri shows. Not that I have something against those shows but I really can't stand the soap operas pre-Aidilfitri.

I know that Ramadan is the month of keinsafan and it is deemed as bulan mulia. But, I just have one question.

Why do all the dramas on tv is all about tears and death, then only it will lead to repentance?

Only after watching like 2 dramas back to back, I got drained! Emotionally. There is too much sadness even though I "think" this Raya should bring joy to everyone. Can't they be more creative in producing something?

Stereotyping on the tube maybe. Whatever it is, I don't like those tears, cries and wailing, and everytime they have to shoot the scene at the graveyard.

Everything is so slow during the last day of fasting today, very lazy to go town. Sure jam everywhere.

Ended up playing with my pets in late afternoon. sound that they feared the most

haha. stupid dogs, you should see them during Chinese New Year [ada yang terkancing-kancing..kekeke]

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Dazeree Joan said...

it's funny. my housemate and i was talking about the same thing. we oso heran why all the tv shows mesti berjuraian airmata punya. dun understand... no variety. lame. nothing light to watch.