Sunday, August 24, 2008

trip to conclude

What am I doing at this unGodly hour.

Yes, I screwed up my sleeping cycle. Holidays then everything is not in order. I wonder how am I gonna switch back to my normal sleeping mode in a day time because Monday is back to normal already.

Anyway, I went to Poring on Friday, a trip to conclude the uneventful-short-unproductive holiday.

Squint your eyes to see the typo error on the bumper. PINTU KESEMASAN.. hahaha *very kampungan the spelling*

running waters

Ooh..and on our way back, we stopped for lunch here.
Nabalu Cafe Lodge at Kundasang

nice place, cosy and comfortable. the view outside is a killer, cool breeze and top it all off, they really do have good food *which is very much to my surprise*
Pandan Fish Curry

Nasi Lemak Saloma

Nabalu Fried Rice

Nasi Pattaya

ooh and the lada tuhau really ngam and make everything taste even better!! * I even thought of kidnapping the tuhau in my uncivilized me*

so, the verdict are....

does that explain everything? The pricing is also okay. So, really worth it la.

More colours of Kundasang....
Beautiful kan? Ehm..err. the flowers la I mean


Mas Light said...

nabalu cafe sedap tu makanan XD se suka!

Joan said... have been there before massy?

TaQuiLa said...

wah..punya siok ko p becuti2.huhu..anyway..
talking about this to tagged ppl?

karulann said...

Wah.. Sadap tu tuhau I see...

Asrizal said...

aduh...I only pass by that place(Nabalu). Should've stopped there for food instead of the 'Park'. Those food looks really good compared to what I had...sigh..

Joan said...

nvm time can drop by there. hehe

initially i was very skeptical about the place as well..

but sedap bah..:)

NoyIbrahim said...

tomyam dia sedap sana nabalu tu...:) tapi lambat service which makes ppl to wait longer that they supposed to huhu