Thursday, August 07, 2008

how many ways that you can spell C-H-A-O-S?

Sorry for the poor quality of pic. Took it with my L6 Motorola yang mau pengsan sudah.

Anyway, this is the condition of my workplace now *If you can see lah*.

Heaps and heaps of exercise books to be marked. A stack of test papers to mark also. Files and documents to audit. *Blergh!*

Those work are my desk job and teaching is another part lagi. *I still don't understand why my other friends who have careers outside this line still wanna be teachers. Are you guys sure you want to be part of THIS??*

And owh...this afternoon when I was entering the school compound. 1205pm that time. I just passed the security house at the main gate. Going over the bump at the main gate *car goin very slow*

Then in front of me, swarms of students like hungry ghosts want to devour you. They are EVERYWHERE. So, what should I do? *Car goin in the school, loads of students goin out*

I drove saja la, hoping that the students will NOTICE the car and walk at the side of the road.

BUT, there are a bunch of my-ass-is-so-hard-to-be-knocked-by-a-car group of students just walked like nobody's business. Well, I didn't notice them at first cos I only saw MANY students in front of me.

Then I heard a loud THUD at the left side of my car. Someone langgar [hit] my side mirror so hard that it went senget. WTF!!!!!!

A human being [a.k.a student] go and langgar my car. How bodoh is that?

I didn't stop to look for the student cos when I glanced at my rear mirror...I only see students hurrying to go out from the gate like pigs being ushered out the kandang.

*I just hope that the student who knock my car is okay and he wont go and make up stories that I HIT him in the first place....I was going very slow and HE langgar the car okay!*

He LANGGAR the car

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