Monday, August 25, 2008

holiday habis

Sore Throat + A lot of sneezing + Running nose + Unfinished Tasks = not a good start for a working day


Xander Qruze said...

Now thats' a picture of a holiday! Sun shinin' the breeze blowin'.

Now when was the last time I enjoyed that..oh yeah..4-5 years back..damn I need a break from work..hehe..

sweet-girlicious said...

i guess now it's time to get busy..ehheh

sHeiLa said...

wah..where were u when u took the pix?so relaxing huh?yaba..bida ni mo start school suda..heh

Joan said...

ooh..yeah.that's definitely a pic that really defines relaxing..

but it was not a recent one.

the pix was taken in May during my trip to Bali..

boo-hoo. now, school again :((