Thursday, August 07, 2008

screwed-up and f*ck-ed up Malaysian politics

Well, if you saw Prison Break, how the power in the powerful politicians hand could fake deaths, frame people and convict people for nothing or even murdering innocent lives for their own agenda....

It is not only happening in the movies but also in real life.

On 06.06.76, I guess everyone in Sabah knew what happen that time. *I wasn't born that time, I am anak-merdeka-di-bumi-yang-bertuah-but-full-of-conspiracies-and-sodomization*

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The 1976 Sabah plane crash, also known as the Double Six Tragedy, or Double Six Crash, took place on June 6, 1976. The plane coming from Labuan crashed in the sub-district of Sembulan in Kota Kinabalu upon approaching Kota Kinabalu International Airport, in Malaysia. The crash killed everyone on board the flight, including Tun Fuad Stephens, the Chief Minister of Sabah at that time. The other passengers on the flight were state ministers Datuk Salleh Sulong, Datuk Peter Mojuntin, and Chong Thien Vun, and assistant minister Darius Binion. Others who perished was the then Secretary of State for the Ministry of Finance of Sabah Datuk Wahid Peter Andau, Director of Economic Planning Unit of Sabah Dr. Syed Hussein Wafa, Isak Atan (Private Secretary to Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah), Corporal Said Mohammad (bodyguard to Tun Fuad Stephens) and Captain Ghandhi Nathan (the pilot of Nomad aircraft).

The reason behind the crash is uncertain. There has been allegations of foul play.

Accident or conspiracy? Read more here and here

  • The black box was never found
  • The plane was in pieces, it was totally unbelievable to have it flying low and crashed to be in such condition
  • There were actually unfinished business about the oil royalty and thus resulting in very unhappy people
  • The unhappy people managed to overcome their unhappiness by executing some evil plan
  • One of the possible crony of this act, was so "Lucky" with the capital L to not board the plane that time and several years after that gave Labuan away to the Federal Gov.
  • Up until now, some people are still trying to hide the cold hard facts of the crime they did.
Well, well, well...

Now, we shift our attention to the Peninsular Malaysia where all the drama is happening.

  • Someone is about to contest so that he could be in the system again
  • And that very time *very good timing*, he is convicted with the old story of he-cucuk-my-ass-and-me-cry-cry story
  • But in the other hand, someone had his butt landed in Altantuya case could get away so easily and no one should talk about it if not you will be killed as well like the Mongol beauty. *and oh, btw, this someone has a wife who have a plastic face. Dolly Parton Malaysia. It's just that she can't sing, she can only kill..akakakaka*
  • oooh..and a lot of drama lagi la.
This super dirty politics that they are playing and thinking that they are GOD, is really SICK!

And believe it or not, we can only watch it happening right under our nose and nothing we can do about it...

Also, I am so pissed that with all this thing happening...I can't go out and makan [eat] outside so often anymore.

The prices of everything has gone up and it certainly burning a BIG hole in my pocket...*and everyone else also I think*

Inflation is happening because they are so busy cucuk-ing/putting plastic in Saiful Bukhari's asshole

Get a life people!

ooooooh... I am tired and poor and pissed off and everything

cheers to the upcoming Merdeka Day. "Thank You" for all this.

51 freaking years of independence

and this is what we got...?????

instead of saying MERDEKA, I felt like shouting


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Claire said...

yaa.. i do knw dat 666 f*****g unbelievable aight?

annenonymous said...

i soo like this post..ngehehehehe...

fie the elf said...

Yeah politics in Malaysia is so pathetic.

Joan said...

glad to know that there are people who agree with me..hehehe
if there is someone that could not even perasan what is happening now..they are totally blind.
or I would rather say DUMB..ehehehe

Mj said...

wah i've been searching abt the tragedy for so long - dad talked about it - i still hungry for more.

september 16 eh - imagine what life would be if the flight went smooth and they got to reach KL...

i'd imagine, a heightened sense of peace -

a quiet moment for those who perished - for they brought greatness to us, paid for it with their life.