Wednesday, August 13, 2008

seriously...why they all so DUMB / BUDUH / PALUI?

Nothing hurts more than to see the big shots of the highest administration in your country politicizing EVERYTHING...yeah...semua bah

And the best part they LOVE to include the racial status and religion status. It is the MAIN priority knowing that this is the MOST sensitive issue ever. One touch could spark and ignite a BIG fire.

Firstly is this one group of people who thought that Avril Lavigne's concert should be ban. As quoted from

The PAS wing is asking the authorities to ban the show because rock and punk is not suitable for the young generation and especially so in the Merdeka month

Aw, come on! this statement make me laugh

They claim it is an issue of decency and it could wear of the morality of the youngsters...especially to the Muslims *PAS claimed it to be lah*Shhhhhh!!! Enough of the nonsense....

What la? How can you make it to so COMPLICATED? No one wanna be a SK8er Boi or GurL for no reason. The youngsters is just like you people maybe when you were young
*uhm, but I doubt la the PAS people ever did this...They'll just say "Oh, rock concert eh? Haram. Haram. I'll PASsssssssssssssss!"
Goin ga-ga and attending rock concerts, enjoying youth. It is just a phase in the youth okay. Is that TOO MUCH TO ASK? There are NOBODY's FOOL. so, just LET GO la.

haha-pandai ka nda sa taru semua tajuk lagu sana...ngeh ngeh!

The second one is the Bastards-in-Black-Shirt-Rally... more read here --> CLICK me!

Adui! Bumis or not, we are all Malaysians and we have the rights, EQUAL rights for education.

My personal view on this:
It is not a matter of quality of education when you have to compete against other than Bumis students. I believe that UiTM graduates are equally competitive to the peers from other unis. It is just a matter of how they want to shape their mind and attitude while studying so as to be prepared after they left their student life.

But, the move to open the UiTM to other race is only a SUGGESTION. Nothing is confirmed just yet. So, there is no need to be so ANGRY up till you need to set up a rally with banners saying "JANGAN CABAR HAK BUMIPUTERA" and "JANGAN CABAR KETUANAN MELAYU".

I guess the proposal to open up the quota is to give equal rights for education for those who can't afford to go for SUPER expensive unis. But, I don't understand why they can be so pumped up until they wanna carry a banner depicting their ego and boasting off their superiority over all races. You all have to understand that the economic status or opportunity to study should not be labelled by race or religion. Be fair. Those who can't afford we help. BTW, bumiputera is not ONLY malays okay. Whatever happen to the status of the Sabah and Sarawak bumis. So, keep it cool you people in black, this has nothing to do with Ketuanan Melayu.

Racial slurs + Religion issues = a fiery death. So, don't play with fire

13 May incident. Why do never learn from the past?


Mas Light said...

one reason why a country/state x maju, their thinking is so limited.

Ratu Syura said...

ban avril's concert? too late la.. how naive are they? they think by banning a concert will seriously stop our youth from going punk and 'rosak'? we're already rosak la.. banning a concert wont do anything! i just wish they stop acting all righteous with they stupid kuno thinking!

Joan said...

that's why la.
ban concert konon
or rally on the streets..
can't they have anything better to do rather than condemning one another

life said...

the way their thinking is too much backward. but one good thing is the freedom of expression where sometimes the will be some argument As long as both side knows where the limits is. as for me i respect for what their thinking but to ban that concert is just too much to take.

Claire said...

Very well said..mmg buduh semua durang tu..mau nda peduli pun susah peduli pun kin panas jg..hehe

Joan said...

ya agree with you la alex.
freedom of speech memang ada la if such things could be heard by us. tapi itu saja la. There are things that you don't have to over react.

Like, the suggestion of opening the UiTm for others. It is ONLY 10%. It is not a lot also. So what is the chaos all about

Wel^Beiolman said...

malaysia is for malay..thats the rule in malaysia...malay is the most powerfull race of malaysia..the malay must have all the malaysia..we welcome others with limited entry far can we go with this kinda attitude huh?wonder jg ni..we think we great.only in malaysia..huhu..sadis..

Unknown said...

what is hak bumiputra and ketuanan melayu supposed to mean? i don't think ketuanan melayu term and definition was written in malaysia constitution. ketuanan melayu term was use during the kesultanan melayu era for the royalty to hang on power and the action to question their sultan is to challenge the ketuanan melayu. ketuanan melayu by historically refer to the power of sultan and not the malay race after all.

unless we gave back the rule power to all the sultan and back to medieval time, with the condition the dissolve of malaysia federation and sabah and sarawak declared independent. ketuanan melayu by definition not really relevant and it was used as a tools of some certain group to grip hold of power by using a false rhetoric.

since when hak bumiputra turn to be ketuanan melayu? if the UiTM student can't correctly quote their history right i guess it is an indication that how low their standard. even the PMR student get the fact more better then them unless it was purposely diverted by irresponsible person.

UiIM was created to give chances for bumiputra that supposed to be malay and local peribumi from sabah and sarawak. there is no definition it was solely belongs to ketuanan melayu. i do not believe the peribumi sabah and sarawak will be entertain the certain malays racism sentiment that ignorance and narrow.

each policies that was created in surface to defend the rights of bumiputra turn out to be a continuous plan for certain people to hang on to power by making sure the majority race become dumb. it easy to control dumb people rather than intellectual wise people. dumb people don't ask too many question. got it?