Monday, August 04, 2008

fuel price most likely to drop

quoted from TheStar today...

Somehow I am very skeptical about that statement.

Abdullah had said that the new price would be decided on the first day of every month and that subsidy will be fixed at RM0.30sen a litre.

Ong gave his assurance of the Government promise that the petrol price would not exceed RM2.70 a litre.

“I feel there is a big possibility there will be a drop (in petrol price) in September, but it depends on the crude oil market in August.

Huh..the very much depends to on something and the what ifs and a helluva of certainty...If not sure don't say first la. We Malaysians are very gullible ones la...*remember the last incident about fuel price hike*. Whether it's gonna be a hike or a decrease, we Malaysians, pledged to be so kay-poh and will be going ga-ga over this matter. *this is something not so new in this country*

Anyway, speaking about fuel reminds me of my car. That poor Viva of mine. No shower for the last one month. *ehehehe...malunya, yes I very pemalas*. The car from far looks fine but if you go near it sure looks very dusty.. Ohohohoho..

Owh ya, I am so gonna make noise about this. When I walked to my car this afternoon after work, I noticed a small spot..the paint came car kena calar..

Well, its small anyway, but I noticed it. It must be the work of some of my STeW-PeeD students....*sorry to call them by that name, but I am so damn pissed off*

I was so angry that I felt my head was pounding and light headed when I reached home.

I am pissed off to the max *what happen today during class added salt to the wound*

While I was driving home, I even thought of quitting my job and go back to studying life...

huh...tomorrow I am SO gonna walk to school...

the school is actually 5 minutes walk from home ba...*ehehehe*

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karulann said...

Ish... Busuk hati people is everywhere. They are just plain gatal tangan... Hehe my colleague car scratch 3rd times yesterday and she was left speachless...