Wednesday, August 06, 2008

what strings? g-string

One little thing that can do wonders to the person wearing it

No visible panty lines..*so, tight dresses are safe with these*

Airy...*haha, ya little cloth wat...but if you are not use to it, there's gonna be the feeling of something stuck in between your legs all the time or wedgie effect.hahaha*

Easy to wash and dry..*little cloth, little water, little soap, little time to dry...hihi*
And for those who love tanning themselves in bikinis, g-strings provide u with more skin to tan.

Ooh...but wait. there is something better



Check out these C-Strings.

O -Mai- Gad! how to wear that....gila ka?


fie the elf said...

oMG hahahaha

Anonymous said...

somethings tells me in future, we gonna make synthetic leaf as cover.

Carmelliny said...

lol...better don't wear any string anymore,kan..

FiOnA said...

i guess better don't use anything..ahhahah