Friday, August 15, 2008

saya pukul birthday boy

yes, indeed I hit the birthday boy.

It was the incident at school.

I came in to class. Everyone seems not to be in a very "rajin" mood. But I just try to teach

Then this group of kids. Telling me

"Cigu, tidak payah belajar la ba ni ari"[ Teacher, we don't need to study today]

"Kami malas o cigu" [Teacher we are lazy]

"Ni ari tidak payah buat apa-apa la ba" [ No need to do anything today]

Well then, I told them just to copy the notes since they are so busy to do anything

"Ei, saya tiada buku ba cigu" [I have no exercise book la teacher]

I told them to just find a piece of paper and copy the notes instead

"Tiada kertas cigu! " [ teacher, no paper!]
"Cigu saya tiada pen mau tulis" [ teacher, no pen to write]
"Cigu dia curi pen saya" [teacher, he stole my pen]

*they continue to whine and complain and eventually start to tease each other*

I gave the cold stare and warn them to behave
~ signal wasn't received~

"Cigu..Cigu.. *start another lame excuse* [teacher-teacher]

I came over to the students place. Slap one boy.

" ei, apa ni cigu. Bukan saya ba bising [ It wasn't me teacher]

Still want to deny, the friends laughing

This time slap another time. They keep quiet. Actually the whole class dropped into silence. It was very rare to find the class to be in this mode.

The boy that I pukul, his birthday was yesterday.

Well, he created the problem, I was fuming mad by the attitude shown. So, don't blame me for ruining your birthday..

You deserved the slap.


Tal said...

Wah..ganas oh you..but I think if I was in a situation like that I would do the same thing. Cheer up! Kids nowadays are getting naughtier and naughtier...

Xander Qruze said...

in my days, once teachers give us 'the look' trus diam oh satu class, now kids daring pulak. maybe my teacher dulu liked his 1-inch thick home-made 'ruler' 'ruled'!. hehe...

Vienne said...

woooowwww...ko berjaya buat diam???fantastic, bombastic..i think i havent success in making my student silent. and they really behave like 'monkey'. ppl out there maybe not believe how students nowadays behave like...some are nice just like angel but many of them are really2....all i can say is pity

JerryInc said...

okay..are you allowed to slap the student?