Sunday, August 03, 2008

the one and only pic in SBG so happy cos although I didnt bring camera, I got a pic from the SBG after all.

This picture I spotted in Lorna's blog . I didn't get to talk to her that nyte anyway *cos I was shy..huhu*owh..owh.. that's me...*brown dress*

Even though not clear, as long ada never mind la...kekekeke


FiOnA said...

mcm mana sa mau add ko ni??

maslight said...

hey got another one ed's fb XD

uh oh...I can't believe it, u were juz right in front of me >.< and I didn't say hi omg..

next time we need to talk XD

Earthy Emily said...

okla tu. At least u did attend it. I missed it for two years already.

Joan said... year kita pigi la ba..jangan ko susah hati

maslight said...

joan..not anymore...there's few more pix of u..XD

Joan said...

yea ..finally get to see the only not applicable anymore

misslamau said...

misslamau says ho!

misslamau said...

misslamau says hey-yo!

LeeHng said...

Glad u had fun at the event!

earthy emily> don be sad! we wil see u for sure next year 1! :D

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Ami3 S10 said...

nahhhhkan, I think I have ur pic in my blog..the one with your cute smile :D.. hehehe! Nice to somehow bump into ya we can all 'menjejak' each other aft mengobserve orang yg ada d sana that day. LOL! My Hair colour tu reddish brown bah tu..luntur odi the reddish tone..