Friday, August 08, 2008

watching olympics grand opening

yes I am watching it right now. The very historic 08.08.08. What the FATT! *meaning eight in chinese*

Now, all the countries are marching in one by one.

  • some of the countries name I never heard...*those ending in -tans or some islands, is really something new*
  • barriers of culture and physical boundaries become seamless in this event *just like Miss Universe or Miss World paegant*
  • Some countries are truly blessed with good looking people *seriously some athletes are very CUTE!*
  • I love the diversity of national costumes that some of them wore during the parade

Oh..and did you notice the gigantic art work that is produced from the footsteps of athlete marching into the centre of the field

That is one very UNIQUE idea

The performance earlier *the acrobats, beautiful lights and cultural touch + FIREWORKS*

Absolutely beautiful! So beautiful that it almost moved me to tears...*but gotta tahan cos malu to cry...huhu*

Now, I am totally anticipating for the lighting of the Olympic Flame.

Ooh...and I was really surprised to learn that China has over 58 different ethnics all over the country. I am so loving their traditional costumes


Crystabel said...

I think china has 56 different ethnics, instead of 58=)

Joan said...

i think you know better..hehe.
sorry..wrong figure..

Carmelliny said...

ternganga my mouth when i watched the opening ceremony...

Anonymous said...

sa tia dpt tingu... bkin maradang btul.... wawawawaw... n now boring mo mati d hostel...