Sunday, January 08, 2017

2016 Review

Looking back to 2016 in review. Been procrastinating way too much. Been so lazy since the new year. So here's the mandatory post on looking back on the year that was.


Hokkaido trip was awesome. One wishlist crossed out. Snow! Yeay!
Eye problem!
Had problem with my eye due to stress. Thank God! It went away after seeing the specialist

Pole dancing!
Tried pole dancing but after that it was like one or two sessions done and I stopped. I am too heavy for it.


I am 31!
I stopped counting my age actually. Hahaha

Tried out the new program for the first time


Zumba Kids launched!

Started my permanent Zumba Kids class at a studio in Subang Perdana but it lasted only for two months due to some problems. Short lived dream. It was fun though!
Krabi trip!
Won a lucky draw for a trip to Krabi. Hurray!
Sun, sea, sand and lots of fun!


Hot Hula started!
Launched the awesome class and it lasted the whole year until it slowed down in November due to my commitment with my studies
Sang on national TV!
Yeah like no kidding. Haha. I was one of the people in the choir for Rosario's Bintang RTM performance during the finals

Me on the extreme right
Met ZES Prince
Plus his wife. They are the dynamic duo!
ZES Prince from the Philippines

Boo! It sucks. I blogged about the experience.
Not fun at all!


Little Mix Concert
Nice but full of kids. LOL

Tuaran Kaamatan Gala Night
I co-emceed it!

Gonna be on a long hiatus from emceeing soon I guess.


Family annual vacation
This time just domestic, minus Mimi cos she has to jaga our house in Tamparuli

Somewhere. Hehehe. I think for 2017, it will be just in Tamparuli for family vacation for June
Borneo Blog Party
Met some homies for this awesome party

Sambil rasmi phone OPPO baru kunun. Haha

Raya at home
Organized a get together for Raya at my house also. Fun times!
Dunno when is the next get-together as 2017 gonna be a busy year


LC Bag
Bought my first ever Longchamp Bag
Ok baiklah! 

And still very much procrastinating on my thesis progress and I was having massive hair loss due to dengue aftermath, like three months after. Boohoo!


BRVFC goes live!
Finally the shop that we have been working hard on is open for business with tenants.
The preparation for the startup is really a life changing experience. Not easy I must say!


First ever FreeMarket in Tamparuli
New concept, very foreign to Tamparuli

UJAM Fitness
I got myself certified. Yeay!


Big Bang Concert
I guess it will be another long time to actually the full band perform again. Huhu. I am so framing that ticket stub
Did my proposal defense as well. I am like so happy with it despite the bombardment. Which it still remains unfinished until now. Oh well!


Asia Zumba Conference 2016

Yeap! It was in Japan. I traveled all the way there. Hehehe. Memorable experience.


Another FreeMarket organized


Christmas with the family. With my mom and dad kana suruh jadi Joseph and Mary during Christmas Eve mass.

Open Mic
Curated an open mic session. First experience but it was fun
Ada gaya tauke ka nda? Hahaha

2016 was eventful I must say, very eventful. Life changing in so many ways. But I am also looking forward for a very life changing 2017 as well.

Thank you 2016 for being awesome.

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