Tuesday, April 01, 2008

shitty april fool

why does when u started earning money, people expect u can afford to pay for almost everything..please pay this, please pay that, u used that therefore u need to pay for it, please pay this for me, please help me to pay this. Nah! take la all. I DON't NEED to USE IT anyway!

and why does people just don't want to listen. I am talking to you! yes YOU! and I mean it. Just don't ignore me. SH*T

and why am I expected to the house chores as if I am the maid of the house. LAUNDRY, DISHES, MEALS...I too, have my own things to do.

I just don't want to live anymore. There is no single thing that could turn out right


Olivia & Amanda said...

Hey, there... Joan right? Saw your name on your blog page. This entry sounds really familiar to me. Hehe.....so much to describe my life too. Always feel like leaving home (or more like leaving the city) and live on my own. ;)

EviE said...

well, its good to know that m not the only one in that situation