Sunday, April 20, 2008

salah tidur

old people used to say if you woke up with a stiff neck caused by 'salah tidur' *wrong position while sleeping*, then you must beat the pillow. Must beat the demon out of the bantal i guess. I didn't do it because I think the idea is SO ridiculous. Jadi, my neck so sakit now after my afternoon nap is because I didn't follow the cakap orang tua la dis. Huh!

neck GO AWAY! So uncomfortable

So much for the very anticipated weekend, it is now the end of it. Without anything productive done. As usual the cycle goes on.

Friday, was a lazy day for me. Lazy day even at work. But totally inspirational. Manage to come up with 3 t-shirt designs for my customer a.k.a my sister. haha

Saturday, shopping spree day. Beli2 jangan tak beli. There is still one more thing though that I really want to get my hands on them. Sony A100. That would be a month's pay. ayayaya

Saturday NIGHT! going out for me. Family Rosary cum gathering. Lotsa kids lotsa food lotsa relatives + AF concert = noisy and dirty house.

So, sunday cleaning and church and afternoon nap...and NOW, I have stiff neck

damn it.

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