Thursday, April 03, 2008

misery is my middle name

tuned my brain into pessimism, not a chance for any optimism, love frowning instead of smiling, and it is time to comment and lament for things around me
Did Sufiah ask for your help?

The Prime Minister's Department and the Malaysian Missionary Foundation (Yadim) will try to assist former child mathematics genius Sufiah Yusof, now aged 23 and fending for herself as a prostitute in Salford, Manchester.
They have named this campaign as "Save Sufiah Programme''

Is this a joke! Sufiah is not someone who is 'brain dead' that she can't decide her own future. She probably does not even consider herself as Malaysian as she is settled in London.

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Hannie C said...

agree with you, she has already decided that prostitution is ok, they should look at the video clip for her interview. saving her from what? slavery? which no one force her.