Monday, October 27, 2014

Locked Down

I am home early today. Haha. Siok o. Usually, every weekday I will be home around 9.30pm or 10pm. Classes stretch until 9pm on Monday and Tuesday in the campus.

This week is hell week because of all the assignments are due all at the same time. My God! I just can't believe the amount of reading I should be doing and I am a slacker most of the time.

This morning the lecturer emailed us and extended the deadlines and I am like.... Punya la. Sudah susah payah then actually kena extend lagi. Bah, nda pa la. Bagus la kan. Awal siap. Bulih lagi catch up on sleep kijap. Mata sa sakit sudah telampau menghadap komputer all the time.

Actually today ada presentation juga bah. But, UM is locked down today. This is due to the talk organized by the student body that will take place in UM itself and they invited DSAI to give a talk to the students. So, basically the uni admin never agreed on this so they decided to limit the access to the campus today. Only two gates are open today. KL and PJ gate, the rest of the other smaller gates are all closed. Ugh!

Jam la of course and the security really screen the people coming in to the campus. Funny thing is my lecturer who is a foreigner really believe the email from the Uni saying that there will be power maintenance 4pm onwards today and everyone can go home early today. When we explained the real situation to her she was like so surprised. So cute! 

My evening class is cancelled, presentation postpone next week so senang hati la dapat balik awal ini hari. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's almost end of the month and I am doing the monthly book keeping and also budgeting. Now, that I get all the numbers in. OMG! I am actually SO POOR!

The downside of of having a NO PAY study leave is that you really have to be really stingy in your spending. Like REALLY karit punya stail sa kesto la. Adui tahap bikin sakit jiwa.

Imagine when you used to earn more than RM3.5K per month and you are reduced to zero. OMG.

Basically, I have to live within RM1K per month. That's from my Zumba earnings tu. I. Just. Can't. Ugh!

It's good enough that the mister is covering my car and house loan. Credit cards... camana??? I.Just.Can't....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Bye bye online shopping, bye bye shopping at the mall, bye bye all! Cry cry cry

Bila la tu Cuti Gaji Penuh result keluar ni. Hohoho. Tensen la pula.


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Satu kali datang masa busy, busy memanjang la. Assignments datang bertubi-tubi and definitely am slacking so much. Jarang bah sa study ni baru sa perasan. Title full time student tapi macam part time saja cos I do Zumba most of the time. This week is hectic with Zumba only. But hey, I have roughly RM300 this week from Zumba only. Ada la bikin beli KFC for lunch.

I am enjoying my solitary lunch after my Zumba class just now. Really out of the zone today. I dragged myself out of bed. Feeling trapped in my own house. Can't do this, can't do that. I eat rice more pun kana judge. Apa boleh buat la bah kan urang kampung. Bukan kamu yang kaya boleh makan daging bernama Steak bin Welldone. Hmpph.

Ikan masin + nasi + bambangan = boom. All the time better than those things. I enjoy solitary meal times nowadays. Judgemental city people stay away.

It's sad when you want to call a place your home but it is just so hard to adjust. Most of the time, you end up being alienated. Tsk tsk tsk.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

One month done

Hey! How's everyone? I have been busy. A month here didn't fly by just like that though. I am missing the going to school and teach routine but i dislike the paperwork. Now i am going to school to learn and still disliking the paper work (assignments). Nothing change much for that part. Haha

Monday to Tuesday are always dedicated for attending classes in UM. The rest of the week is for studying. Well, um. Not like totally. 

Been busy instructing Zumba classes at least 5 times a week. Will be more if i have to be a sub for others. Extra pocket money. Bulih la bikin bili krupuk.

At the same time, saya pigi casting for a news reader job lagi. Doiii. Macam la nda cukup sibuk kan. Juggling housework, errands, assignments and zumba classes, terus at times memang nda cukup tidur. Ini lah akibat kalau penyibuk. 

Ok. Its late and i need to sleep. Have a good weekend everyone. Selamat Hari Raya Haji to those celebrating.