Monday, October 27, 2014

Locked Down

I am home early today. Haha. Siok o. Usually, every weekday I will be home around 9.30pm or 10pm. Classes stretch until 9pm on Monday and Tuesday in the campus.

This week is hell week because of all the assignments are due all at the same time. My God! I just can't believe the amount of reading I should be doing and I am a slacker most of the time.

This morning the lecturer emailed us and extended the deadlines and I am like.... Punya la. Sudah susah payah then actually kena extend lagi. Bah, nda pa la. Bagus la kan. Awal siap. Bulih lagi catch up on sleep kijap. Mata sa sakit sudah telampau menghadap komputer all the time.

Actually today ada presentation juga bah. But, UM is locked down today. This is due to the talk organized by the student body that will take place in UM itself and they invited DSAI to give a talk to the students. So, basically the uni admin never agreed on this so they decided to limit the access to the campus today. Only two gates are open today. KL and PJ gate, the rest of the other smaller gates are all closed. Ugh!

Jam la of course and the security really screen the people coming in to the campus. Funny thing is my lecturer who is a foreigner really believe the email from the Uni saying that there will be power maintenance 4pm onwards today and everyone can go home early today. When we explained the real situation to her she was like so surprised. So cute! 

My evening class is cancelled, presentation postpone next week so senang hati la dapat balik awal ini hari. 


Mas Light said...

Sekarang blog post amik gambar dari instagram saja kan hehe..I also do the same thing.

Joan said...

Massy... kan??? hehehe