Thursday, March 31, 2011

the dark days

too many..too many things to think about

I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.
I am tired of you.

I hate it when everything is overwhelming. I need to get this rage out.

I really need some time to do some soul searching but this moment and time just don't allow me to.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Kucing atas meja

Currently while I am typing this post. The-most-manja Princess Cholo is lying across my table. Dia minta kana puyai-puyai baru mo tidur kunun. Bertuah punya kucing. She is really acting like a princess. But, therapeutic juga pula ni kan belai-belai kucing ni. Bikin tenang jiwa.

I was thinking to fill in my e-filing tadi but I can't find my Kew-Pa 8 for reference to fill in the form. Ah, postpone that task for tomorrow lah. Blog first.

So, yeah. From my previous post, good response juga oh. Thanks a lot for the info. Will definitely check out those places mentioned. Why all of sudden this inking story come up? I just remembered that I have promised myself dulu that when I am 26 nanti baru saya mo pigi buat tattoo. Why 26? particular reason. Saja maybe. Lagipun nda bulih ikut Unduk Ngadau sudah ni cos tua. Haha. Teda teda bah kaitan.
Which part of the body will get inked? Hmmm. I am still thinking about it. Due to the nature of my job, susah ni kalau very obvious. I think like Chegu Carol's are nice. Tapi nda pit bah abs, nanti pandai lain jadi tu design. Hehe.

Sheila, you wanna get one too ka? Hehe. Of course after your wedding la.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You Go, Girl!

That's the word for the coming week.

I have not been blogging like religiously lately. Oh, I so wanna blog like I used to.

Not too mention, I have been a slacker as well for my teaching career as well.

Delayed work list:
* analisis markah ujian gerak mahir
* proposal aktiviti minggu sains dan matematik
* latihan for KDCA-ISCEP show
* proposal for Disney Channel promo in school
* and the list goes on and on and on...

Napatai... Tulah siapa bah suruh pigi menyibuk betul kan. Day Job, Part time Job, Religious Job...semua la mo disibukkan.

Oh ya, mo tambah satu lagi kesibukan ni. Anyone knows, where is the best place to get inked around KK? Siapa yang ada info?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Datuk T.. konon ( pui!!!!!! )

screenshot off today.

it sells. yea it sells everything. especially in the news and the media being the source of information for the public; sensationalizing this issue really make big bucks for them.

that's how they make money. okay, just forget about the whole media stuff. It's what they do. Leave it to that. Give them one speck of dust they can turn it into a dirt that can occupy the whole house. And some who are smart fed the dirt to an oyster, it will give them pearls.

and yes, that's what media do.

on the other hand, politicians should really STOP watching porn all the time. Haha. Yeah la, too much porn make the head so skilfully smart.

and maybe one fine day, they spotted a familiar face in a video. Maybe lah kan...

"hey, let make this public"

"yeah..let the whole world know about this"

"oh, but we must threaten the so and so first"

"yes, that's true"

And they did a press conference about it and demand a 'suruhanjaya diraja' to be set up to look upon this matter.

I mean WTH!!!!!!????

The last news about somebody getting married even before the first wife allowed him to, and then he was charged under the Syariah court. Things were so simple. And he stayed on being one of MP at some place.

And with the video which they refused to let the world know with the reason that they are not trying to humiliate anyone but at the same time wanting this so and so to step out of the politic world.

Sex scandals. That's all you dearly beloved leaders/politicians or maybe should we call them 'kerbau', can do??

I think this politicians especially all the Datuks should really keep their focus right. They seriously watched too much porn. Keep your penises to where they belong. Yeah in your pants. Not in some actress/china call girl/secretary of yours va-jay-jay.

Who cares about who is sleeping with who. One's morality is between God and that person. Who are these people to judge one another. Buat kerja masing-masing cukuplah.

Less humping and more helping the rakyat please.

p.s: Datuk T...pffttt.. Datuk Trio. Hahaha. Macam apa saja tu pseudonym. Cacat!

Monday, March 21, 2011

88 followers and counting...

One thing that actually caught my attention at my dashboard just now was the count of my followers. Thanks for the loyal readers. Ada juga baca pula this blog even I don't update it religiously.

How's everybody's Monday?

Mine... Full with blunders. OMG, baru satu minggu cuti then balik skul. HURU HARA. ( I can't imagine the blunder of people yang cuti lagi lama like cuti sakit or cuti bersalin )

I really felt like my brain is lost. Moreover, I just pindah to a new room. So, I kinda forgot where some of my stuff is located. Lesson plan pun baru lintang pukang buat today. Then salah masuk kelas lagi because I don't have the latest timetable.


And my head of department lagi told me that my name was nominated to go to a Maths course in May. In Indonesia lagi tu. Odoi. Jauh la bah betul mo kursus.

Also tomorrow is the start of the district level athletics meet. Bersedialah jadi panda merah ni seperti tahun-tahun lepas. Double Odoi!

Anyway, do tune in to Era FM tomorrow around 12pm-1pm, me and my sister will be on air. ^___^V

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday : hari terakhir cuti

Yea..I know .. the cikgu-cikgu semua mesti malas2 ni mau balik kerja bisuk kan. Hehehe. Sama lah kita. HIGH FIVE!

But what to do, kalau tidak kerja, tidak makan nanti kan.

Latest updates from me

-> semakin sihat sebab banyak makan ini cuti. nyahahaha. tidak payah la saya kurus ini. I give up trying.

-> broke. lamanya lagi gaji ni tau

-> i miss my girlfriends. wanna paint the town red. tapi no moo-lah and also time.

Oh ya, I wanna wish CONGRATULATIONS also to my dear friend, Dazeree and husband for their first newly born baby. Adelise Alvin. Tahniah. Tahniah!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am Narsha...

I have not been blogging faithfully these days. Yeah, blamed the hectic days. Day after day. It seems the holiday is just another opportunity for me to do other things instead. Talk about doing too many things in a very short period of time.

Right after the holidays kicked off, it's all about studio and recordings and practice. ( ooh and also church thingy, lent is always the busiest time also ).

Lucky my voice is slowly healing and going back to its normal state. Falling sick during this time is the last thing that I want to happen.

So, today me and my sisters did a radio interview on Suria FM. Ada juga ka yang dingar ka tu ah? I know AnnieMing did. She even posted at her fan page on facebook. Thanks ya.

More details on our experience on my band's site.

Doiii..gali2 sa mo mention band oh. Macam teda2 bah saja ni. Kampung2 saja. Sometimes the title kan, like artis lah, penyanyi lah, and what not terms, it's too much to handle. Bikin tekanan oh. Orang kampung yang suka menyanyi saja ni. I bet everyone also suka nyanyi. Betul ka nda? Kan.. Kan.. Kan...

So how's your holiday so far? ( ooh this question applies only for teachers saja pula ni kan..hik hik hik..yang lain karaja cam besa juga ) I guess this week of March is one of the busiest for everyone juga bah kan. Ada yang mo kahwin, ada yang mo beranak, ada yang mo birthday, ada yang mo pigi holiday, ada yang berabis kasi siap kerja...

Anyway since it's Wednesday, it's Musical Wednesday. I would like to share this amazing cover of I'm in Love ( originally by Narsha now sang by J Rabbit ). Both original and the cover are equally amazing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Main gatah!!!


In out!


Kamurang pernah main ka tu? Siok kan. I think kids these days don't main gatah anymore.

I rarely see them jumping around with the getah sayur yang kana sambung2.

Dulu time skolah rendah, sanggup ni datang awal pigi skul ( darjah 3 masih skul petang ). Pakai seluar fit lagi supaya kalau lumpat nda nampak santut. Hahahaha. Seksi bah sebab pakai pinafore kan.

Ah. Those were the days. I can jump sampai telinga lagi tu kalau mo "step" untuk main in-out. Kalau main zero point sampai level "merdeka" pun ada. You people remember ka? Hehe. Siok kan.

Astaga. Fit juga sa dulu ah. LOL!

I can imagine now if you asked me to jump the getah game.. Lompat sikit pun tercungap-cungap sudah tu.

Siapa yang selalu jadi anak bulan? Adui nah. itu term pun terlalu cute. Kekekekeke!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kit Kat now is rokok?

It's supposed to be Vintage Tuesdays. I just don't have anything about vintage to talk about today.

Just that wanna share with you all, the Kit Kat I bought this morning.

Macam rokok punya kotak oh.... Single packaging lagi each wafer ni. This is my first time seeing this kind of packaging.

Hmmm..or is it just me yang ketinggalan ni?

Oh ya, anyone has ever bought Kit Kat from abroad ka? Lain kan texture dia. I noticed the ones from outside Malaysia it tastes more "original" and it melts fast.

The one that we have here in Malaysia macam kena letak preservative to prevent it melts due to the weather here, thus affecting the taste as well.

Don't you think so?

Saturday, March 05, 2011

serve with the best intention

First of all, I have nothing against KPLI or DPLI teachers. Any teachers are equal. We are always in the same boat. We have the same task to serve the nation and educate the children according to the NEP.

BUT.... it really irks me A LOT when I heard the words like

" I just need to finish the serving time, I want to jump ship"

" I just can't wait to change my career. I dislike this job"

" I am so tortured with this line "

I mean it's okay to lament about this, we are human anyway. Somehow, it really irritates me when these words come from the mouth of KPLI and DPLI teachers.

Just because you have the fast track of becoming a teacher, does it make you any superior in your job?

I have nothing much to say about the stories of KPLI/ DPLI teachers who were showing off their cars when they are still in maktab. These are personal preferences that one just can't argue about.

BUT, WHY YOU WANT TO CHANGE JOB when you already got posted somewhere you don't like or just don't like the job after having the fast track line of becoming an educator?

Is it just because you want the ticket to have a job in the government sector? For the sense of security in your life?

AND when things don't go the way that you "ideally" imagined before you decided to quit?

WHY would you want to be a teacher in the first place?

*bah begitu lah, memang si Joan mulut celupar ni, nyahahaha

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gel Balloon

To the 80's babies and to everyone who had spent their childhood blowing a balloon from a dollop of gel, remember this?

I just don't know what to call this. I think I just called it "belon" last time.

It has been a while since I saw it on sale at a shop. Maka dulu time kicik-kicik, it's a must buy item when I managed to follow my parents to the town. Oh, and this is what my grandma always buy for me when she came back from Tamu every Wednesday ( apart from the candies and keropoks )

Blowing the balloon from a dollop of gel at the end of the straw. It's definitely an art itself. Haha. Those were the days.
And to make it even better,must lick the gel to get the best shape so that it's easier to get the desired shape. Haha. Padahal, tidak sedap pun rasa that gel-like stuff ( and nI presume its quite toxic too. LOL )

So, with the balloon we can do a lot of stuff with it. Let the imagination takes control.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Goodbye Tom-Tom

After battling with his sickness for over a month. He finally breathe his last on the 27th of February. It's almost exactly 2 years he was with us.

He was diagnosed to have contracted the dog virus and being a mixed breed ( domestic dog + German Shepard ) and he wasn't vaccinated, there was nothing that we can do when we know about it. The vet said there's no cure for the sickness. His chance to live is 50-50. If he were to get better it all depends on him and we must give him encouragement.

It all started when he starts to have soreness in his joints. He tripped and fell quite often while running and playing with us. We never thought that it was one of the symptoms of his sickness. Until when he started to have fever and losing appetite. That was early January.

By the end of January, he refused to eat. He basically lived on water and occasional sweetened milk. By the last two weeks of his life, he just can't move anymore. He was just there lying down, pee there as well. We have to move him from time to time. Clean his nose and eyes. All those things that you have to do for a sick person.

My sister, Didi, who took care of him almost all the time, at times felt so beaten up to take care of him. At the brink of giving up, but at the sight of him, we just can't give up. The last few days of his life, he can't take in any liquid anymore because he can't put it in his tongue anymore.

This is one of the symptoms of his sickness. He will lose control of his movement because the virus is attacking his brain and nerves. Canine Distemper that's what the vet told us.

The painful part before his death is when he woke up that morning and we found out that he is blind already. So, sad. That's the first time that he didn't fell asleep for most of the hours during the day. ( because usually he will be asleep ). I guess he was so scared that he can't see anything. He only have to depend on his hearing.

He really suffered so much. He died a slow death. But, I do not know why we don't have the heart to put him down as well.

When he finally stopped breathing that late afternoon of 27th February. I was sad but relieved at the same time.

He was finally relieved from all the suffering and just went to a better place. Didi cried the hardest when he left and the rest of us did as well.

*** ah, type this post pun sa mau nangis juga ni..huhuhu***

This was when Tom-Tom was a few months old with his bestie Jem-Jem
Tom-tom, we will miss you dearly

Vespa Oh La La La...

To me a vintage/old scooter/ motor buruk is Vespa and a modern type of that is called a motorcycle.

I never thought that Vespa is actually a brand of a bike. And that particular bike has a signature look. It look like a Vespa. Haha. Stupid me.

Vespa doesn't mean it's an old bike. The brand keep coming out with new models from time to time.

And only recently that I knew that brand originated from Italy. That's also because I kept seeing the Vespa shop everywhere in Italy.
Well, new information one at a time. :)