Thursday, March 03, 2011

Gel Balloon

To the 80's babies and to everyone who had spent their childhood blowing a balloon from a dollop of gel, remember this?

I just don't know what to call this. I think I just called it "belon" last time.

It has been a while since I saw it on sale at a shop. Maka dulu time kicik-kicik, it's a must buy item when I managed to follow my parents to the town. Oh, and this is what my grandma always buy for me when she came back from Tamu every Wednesday ( apart from the candies and keropoks )

Blowing the balloon from a dollop of gel at the end of the straw. It's definitely an art itself. Haha. Those were the days.
And to make it even better,must lick the gel to get the best shape so that it's easier to get the desired shape. Haha. Padahal, tidak sedap pun rasa that gel-like stuff ( and nI presume its quite toxic too. LOL )

So, with the balloon we can do a lot of stuff with it. Let the imagination takes control.


CathJ said...

Oh yey... my fav... and I still can remember the taste of it.. LOL..

still loving it until today... tapi susah sudah mau cari.. may be KK, boleh dapat at the small2 shop lagi..

TaQuiLa said...

i can bet some of the kids nowadays langsung nda tau what is this thing!

ah, siokkk mo men this..tapi sa nda suka the smell ba..sungguh menusuk kalbu..hoho

Mas Light said...

OMG mana ko jumpa ni? I swear the last time I played with this is when I was younger oh.

Amanda Christine Wong said...

this so CLASSIC! though highly dangerous and toxic, now that i think back.

Joan said...

cath J, the taste kan...ahaha. memang susah mo describe.

Sheila..siok kan main dulu2. I think budak sekarang jarang sudah main ni.

massy..i found this when I went to Melaka the other day but I think Sabah ada juga jual masih ni. Small2 shop la like CathJ said.

amanda..toxic kan. hehe. the smell pun tau its only chemical. tapi suka juga put inside mouth ni..hehe

chegu carol said...

once upon a time, it was every kiddo's dream to play with one. saya juga! sekarang budak jarang main abis mama bapa durang larang. :)