Saturday, March 05, 2011

serve with the best intention

First of all, I have nothing against KPLI or DPLI teachers. Any teachers are equal. We are always in the same boat. We have the same task to serve the nation and educate the children according to the NEP.

BUT.... it really irks me A LOT when I heard the words like

" I just need to finish the serving time, I want to jump ship"

" I just can't wait to change my career. I dislike this job"

" I am so tortured with this line "

I mean it's okay to lament about this, we are human anyway. Somehow, it really irritates me when these words come from the mouth of KPLI and DPLI teachers.

Just because you have the fast track of becoming a teacher, does it make you any superior in your job?

I have nothing much to say about the stories of KPLI/ DPLI teachers who were showing off their cars when they are still in maktab. These are personal preferences that one just can't argue about.

BUT, WHY YOU WANT TO CHANGE JOB when you already got posted somewhere you don't like or just don't like the job after having the fast track line of becoming an educator?

Is it just because you want the ticket to have a job in the government sector? For the sense of security in your life?

AND when things don't go the way that you "ideally" imagined before you decided to quit?

WHY would you want to be a teacher in the first place?

*bah begitu lah, memang si Joan mulut celupar ni, nyahahaha


Dev Clarehova said...

^_^ agree with u! sa pun slalu dingar ni budak KPLI or DPLI cakap, dorg mo tukar job after selesai kontrak knun. huhu! buruk o kalau mo jd cikgu just to be in gov, tp x 100% jiwa utk jadi educator.

Georgie J said...

nilah dia masalah guru2 yang tidak tulus mau jadi pendidik.kalo suda nda minat, jgnla ba apply kpli sama dpli.semata-mata mau dpt jaminan dlm hidup kunun.kasian ba budak2 yg diajar....

*teringat mama sa yg berkali-kali suruh sa apply kpli.hurmmm....sorry mum, i disappointing you. ;p

Nurul Khairunie said...

it's important for these kpli/dpli teacher to know that they're the luckiest people in the world for going through the fast track of becoming a teacher. i guess a year of training is not enough to make them understand about this career.

chegu carol said...

teaching is not what i picture myself when i was in uni...infact, most of my uni friends turned teacher didn't. but i am a person who sought self-satisfaction in what i do no matter what. so now that i am teacher myself, i have yet to give up on this profession cos the satisfaction that it gives to me doesn't seem to stop. ^__^

bagus juga durang tukar profession tu...kin kasian ja anak bangsa kena ajar urg2 yg macam ni..cepat putus asa dan suka komplen2...

TaQuiLa said...

1st, my mum forced me to do so..kekekekee

But, at least I have the 'feeling' to love this job, and somehow I love it tho' :P

Lizeewong said...

How annoying. I think the school's better off without them. They probably don't even care about the ss.

Jesse Tan said...

I somehow agreed with you Joan..guess yg ckp tu are those just by luck easily gt the offer..well i should mention loud2 here nothing is better than appreciate what they are now. if their intention to take KPLI or DPLI jz to be secured, they shall jz reserve that chances to others who's really keen as an educator than accept the job but bullshitting around..come won't benefit those children out there la! Nah sy pula geram~

Unknown said...

*raising my hands, both of them*
Okay, you got me.. honestly, still have that thinking, albeit, the main objective will still be the same - the kids I'm teaching now.

Joan said...

jesse@kollo..yeah thats the correct phrase to describe everything..

menutup peluang orang lain..

Earthy Emily said...

Haha! Kadang2 merungut jak ba tu Joan. Tp tanggungjawab tetap dijalankan.