Monday, March 28, 2011

Kucing atas meja

Currently while I am typing this post. The-most-manja Princess Cholo is lying across my table. Dia minta kana puyai-puyai baru mo tidur kunun. Bertuah punya kucing. She is really acting like a princess. But, therapeutic juga pula ni kan belai-belai kucing ni. Bikin tenang jiwa.

I was thinking to fill in my e-filing tadi but I can't find my Kew-Pa 8 for reference to fill in the form. Ah, postpone that task for tomorrow lah. Blog first.

So, yeah. From my previous post, good response juga oh. Thanks a lot for the info. Will definitely check out those places mentioned. Why all of sudden this inking story come up? I just remembered that I have promised myself dulu that when I am 26 nanti baru saya mo pigi buat tattoo. Why 26? particular reason. Saja maybe. Lagipun nda bulih ikut Unduk Ngadau sudah ni cos tua. Haha. Teda teda bah kaitan.
Which part of the body will get inked? Hmmm. I am still thinking about it. Due to the nature of my job, susah ni kalau very obvious. I think like Chegu Carol's are nice. Tapi nda pit bah abs, nanti pandai lain jadi tu design. Hehe.

Sheila, you wanna get one too ka? Hehe. Of course after your wedding la.


CathJ said...

I saw from Borneocolours punya photos...

Xtreme Kolor
block A 3-1, 1st floor, Shop Apt. Beverly Hills Bundusan,penampang

Photolink from Borneocolours:

Tapi mcm lelaki lah tatoo artis dia.. kalau mau minta tattoo tempat2 sensor susah sikit lah hhihihih..

all the best.. ^_^

Joan said...

thanks cath!