Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kit Kat now is rokok?

It's supposed to be Vintage Tuesdays. I just don't have anything about vintage to talk about today.

Just that wanna share with you all, the Kit Kat I bought this morning.

Macam rokok punya kotak oh.... Single packaging lagi each wafer ni. This is my first time seeing this kind of packaging.

Hmmm..or is it just me yang ketinggalan ni?

Oh ya, anyone has ever bought Kit Kat from abroad ka? Lain kan texture dia. I noticed the ones from outside Malaysia it tastes more "original" and it melts fast.

The one that we have here in Malaysia macam kena letak preservative to prevent it melts due to the weather here, thus affecting the taste as well.

Don't you think so?


CathJ said...

Me also 1st time nampak this kit kat inside box... ^_^

chegu carol said...

urmmm sa tia pernah try yg beli dari overseas punya so cant compare much.

TaQuiLa said...

never tried kit kat from outside Malaysia ..hehee, tapi nda puas sa makan kit kan if 1 pack ooo..mesti at least 2 packs, baru puas hati! heeeee

Onderay said...

the overseas one taste different and melts in malaysia...

i thought i told u last time?