Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Datuk T.. konon ( pui!!!!!! )

screenshot off today.

it sells. yea it sells everything. especially in the news and the media being the source of information for the public; sensationalizing this issue really make big bucks for them.

that's how they make money. okay, just forget about the whole media stuff. It's what they do. Leave it to that. Give them one speck of dust they can turn it into a dirt that can occupy the whole house. And some who are smart fed the dirt to an oyster, it will give them pearls.

and yes, that's what media do.

on the other hand, politicians should really STOP watching porn all the time. Haha. Yeah la, too much porn make the head so skilfully smart.

and maybe one fine day, they spotted a familiar face in a video. Maybe lah kan...

"hey, let make this public"

"yeah..let the whole world know about this"

"oh, but we must threaten the so and so first"

"yes, that's true"

And they did a press conference about it and demand a 'suruhanjaya diraja' to be set up to look upon this matter.

I mean WTH!!!!!!????

The last news about somebody getting married even before the first wife allowed him to, and then he was charged under the Syariah court. Things were so simple. And he stayed on being one of MP at some place.

And with the video which they refused to let the world know with the reason that they are not trying to humiliate anyone but at the same time wanting this so and so to step out of the politic world.

Sex scandals. That's all you dearly beloved leaders/politicians or maybe should we call them 'kerbau', can do??

I think this politicians especially all the Datuks should really keep their focus right. They seriously watched too much porn. Keep your penises to where they belong. Yeah in your pants. Not in some actress/china call girl/secretary of yours va-jay-jay.

Who cares about who is sleeping with who. One's morality is between God and that person. Who are these people to judge one another. Buat kerja masing-masing cukuplah.

Less humping and more helping the rakyat please.

p.s: Datuk T...pffttt.. Datuk Trio. Hahaha. Macam apa saja tu pseudonym. Cacat!


CathJ said...

I pun bosan sudah tengok the news... tidak habis2 pasal porn... tiada kerja lain... I just don't understand... byk lagi masalah rakyat yg boleh di urus... ini?? eeeee.... muakkkk....


Dev Clarehova said...

Ya bah! macam teda keja lain jak!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

I agree with ur cogan kata - less humping more helping! It's gonna make a great banner!