Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am Narsha...

I have not been blogging faithfully these days. Yeah, blamed the hectic days. Day after day. It seems the holiday is just another opportunity for me to do other things instead. Talk about doing too many things in a very short period of time.

Right after the holidays kicked off, it's all about studio and recordings and practice. ( ooh and also church thingy, lent is always the busiest time also ).

Lucky my voice is slowly healing and going back to its normal state. Falling sick during this time is the last thing that I want to happen.

So, today me and my sisters did a radio interview on Suria FM. Ada juga ka yang dingar ka tu ah? I know AnnieMing did. She even posted at her fan page on facebook. Thanks ya.

More details on our experience on my band's site.

Doiii..gali2 sa mo mention band oh. Macam teda2 bah saja ni. Kampung2 saja. Sometimes the title kan, like artis lah, penyanyi lah, and what not terms, it's too much to handle. Bikin tekanan oh. Orang kampung yang suka menyanyi saja ni. I bet everyone also suka nyanyi. Betul ka nda? Kan.. Kan.. Kan...

So how's your holiday so far? ( ooh this question applies only for teachers saja pula ni kan..hik hik hik..yang lain karaja cam besa juga ) I guess this week of March is one of the busiest for everyone juga bah kan. Ada yang mo kahwin, ada yang mo beranak, ada yang mo birthday, ada yang mo pigi holiday, ada yang berabis kasi siap kerja...

Anyway since it's Wednesday, it's Musical Wednesday. I would like to share this amazing cover of I'm in Love ( originally by Narsha now sang by J Rabbit ). Both original and the cover are equally amazing.


Annie said...

Iya I heard you guys on air yesterday. Hehe! Siok oh kena interview2 ni.. And your live performance also great.. Macam dengar lagu di CD ni. ;-D

All the best to the JADE Sisters!

TaQuiLa said...

busy o kan?macam lama suda sa nda jumpa ko ni mandak..hehee

ba, all the best i everything k..