Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Platonic Tectonic Shit

There are some things that really irks me a lot. As much as I like to believe that platonic relationship really does exist. It always send the same shiver to my spine and at the end of the day it's the heart that do the talking and not the head.

Girls out there, how do you like your man/partner/spouse to be close to another female creature that is not his sister, mother or grandmother? And if you are not in the loop of the conversation and its a private thing between them. How can you not be a green eyed monster.

It made me feel like a queen sometimes to be all diva about this but I have rivalries with the concubines. Hmpph!

Kill 'em all stupid bitches. Concubines shouldn't exist at all.

Happy Tuesday you all. I am just having a  bad day that's all. Thank you very much. K bai!


CJane said...

*understanding nod*

chegu carol said...

I don't believe it at all! I definitely doesnt like the idea of my man pouring his heart out to another woman, his so called bff, instead of me; his wife. I rather he does that to another man. It's not healthy relationship. Even if there exist such relationship, saya hats off lah to the person whose spouse has platonic relationship with the other gender...cos it needs LOADS of comprehending oh.