Sunday, August 18, 2013

Almost school again

It's gonna be back to normal school days  in a couple of days. I am actually quite beaten after coming back from Penang. There wasn't actually a time that I get a proper rest during this 2 weeks holiday. Anyway, that is a good sign that I am actually being productive. Hehe

The mister is still in Penang and out having his bachelor party. Lucky he doesn't have his passport with him if not he might be somewhere in Phuket maybe. Nasib baik la. Haha.

Today the traffic in the city was more congested than usual. The back to the city rush I guess. Hmmm. I was so sleepy when I was trapped in the jam this afternoon. The headache still lingers till now. So I better get a proper shut eye now.

Good night. 

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