Thursday, August 15, 2013

W - W is for Wednesdays (ROM)

Registration of marriage. Legal stuff and for me it is just a formality. Although technically am actually married now but I just don't feel that it is "official" until everything is solemnized at church.

And the experience prior to the registration... Ok. Let me sum this up.

I arrived in Penang yesterday and as a preparation to the event today, I slept early. But around 1.30am, my dad woke me and my mom because he has discomfort and numbness over his right side of body especially the arm and the pain at the back of his neck. We were worried sick.

Thinking of the place to seek help at that odd hours I called the hotel reception for help but all I got from them is "Pegi Klinik Tajudin, just go straight straight only" - punya la tu jawapan minta ampas! Sial butul. Lucky the mister ada kasi pinjam kereta to us. So I drove to the hospital (just relying on my memory of the roads a couple of years ago)

And you know the drill with government hospital. Queuing and what nots. 

Basically, my dad had ECG, CT scan and blood test done on him and all this in one night. It is kinda certain that my parents can't make it to my ROM because he has to be warded for the night and need to be diagnosed by the specialist early in the morning. Sleepless night. I left my parents at the hospital and got back to the hotel to catch an hour sleep then get ready.

So it was a lonely feat to be at the ROM. I just have to smile through the storm.

The mister and his parents and his aunty. That's all. I went through the whole thing like a dream. Still pretty much dazed and lack of sleep.

Just looking forward for 14th of Sept now 


CJane said...

Aww... hope your dad's gonna be ok!

Jue said...

Congrat's Dear....:-)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

congratulations! on being officially married on paper! Kesian o u parents couldn't make it...but it's okay, it's nothing compared to the church wedding kan :)

chegu carol said...

Congratulations Joan and Andre! Biarpun ko bilang belum rasa official tapi masi juga sudah mister and missis :D

Joan said...

thanks all!

updates: my dad is ok. just have to be warded for that night and thank God it wasn't a stroke. Uuuu..palis2.

praying hard for everything will be smooth ahead..