Wednesday, August 06, 2008

owh..its growing, it's growing

What is growing? certainly not me if the direction is vertical against the gravity...*I am totally insufficient in height*

But, that is not what I meant...It's my blog-o-fame list.

Post-SBG symptoms
1) My blogroll is slowly getting longer *it is a good thing isn't it?*
2) Prior to number 1, more bloggers that I knew in real life suddenly pop up on my screen via bloggers that I met in SBG *It's like jejak kasih*
3) More pictures of mine are discovered *hehe, so my previous post is not applicable anymore la*
4) Get to know more happening people in Sabah. *after I left my student life, I thought I am so gonna be doomed to rot in KK, but it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel after all...muahahaha*

So after doing some blog-hopping, I found some of my pictures taken by others. Neo, me and Bodidi [spotted this at Amie's blog]

Ned and me, last time met him during his practical at the school am teaching now [spotted at Ned's]

me and Fion [saw this on Roy's flickr page]

Including the group pics, all in all memang around under 10 pics la all but it's better than nothing kan...hek hek hek


Earthy Emily said...

Where's my link? ;D

Joan said...

owh ...milai. my bad. lost ur link when i was doin 'renovations' dulu. i mean when i change my lay out..
now sudah ada tu..jangan marah a..

siou kio ;)