Tuesday, September 30, 2008

it has been a while

yeah, i havent been updating this blog since the start of the one week raya school holidays. gotta do some tags still, tunggu ah for that one. In the mean time, here is what happened over the weekend.

Girls' day out *more to girls' pigging day out, wahaha*hehe. actually, I got together with two of my friends from uni last time, for a little reunion. Anee and Sheila. Supposedly Milai and Daina are also joining us, but too bad can't-huhu. next time la ah girls. [with that, I officially appoint Milai to be the next organizer, wahaha, this one were by me and Sheila]

so, we checked ourself in to tune hotel. Just wanna try the 'hassle-free' hotel. "5star room with 1star price". It really live up to its name because the deco inside is not bad after all.

and found this device quite funny. Especially the aircon credit hours remaining. heheAnyway, when we checked in the room was okay but on the day we wanted to left. Water dripping from the aircon and got funny sound like water bocor on the ceiling of the bathroom which sounded like the ceiling wanna fall off anytime.

My rating for my stay: 2 out of 5 stars. [am just giving credits for the deco a lot la]

That's about the hotel, so the girls' day out started out with a late lunch at NewYorkNewYork
the must have there la kan. haha. gigantic burger *forgot the name d*
We makan so long at the outlet until the all the staff puas see our face. [the food very hard to finish what]
but the head chef very nice la, gave us free treat = choc icecream with waffle

and later in the evening met up with Eve. she is as kurus as ever. like model punya badan saja. the sis is one of MDG btwof course the night ends with some partying at Rumba, we called up several people to join us that night but most can't make it. minus my cousins, and anee's friends, it was just the 3 of us enjoying the mini reunion that we had.It sure would be nice if more ex-usm can join for next time, [siok ba can exchange stories, we love gossips, wahahaha]

*bah milai, ko next pengarah projek*


chegu carol said...

i like the 1st pic.
me also like new york2 punya food. the steak is oh so tender and juicy.
but the burger u girl ate..dui bah....punya basar!

FredDass said...

x-USM students? Is that including me? Ahaks..

Anyway, looked like ya all had a good time..

Best owh kan jadi sensei ni..

Joan said...

yeah carol, the burger is gigantic. kenyang gila ni.

friedrich, iya bah masuk ko juga. buleh saja kita reunion lagi tapi misti ada ramai2 baru siok cos the more, the merrier it will be

sweet-girlicious said...

wow..that's good for reunion..hehe..and nice to see you 3 beautiful ladies in the house!!

Earthy Emily said...

alamak. I just read ur post ni. If i organize misti next year. Cannot this year also. Aisehmen. Blum dpt kasi confirm ni Joan.