Thursday, September 04, 2008

another case of kidnap, rape and murder

Dead UMS student may also have been raped

Tuaran: The body of a girl who was found in Kg Lugading, here, last Thursday has been confirmed to be that of an Universiti Malaysia Sabah student.

The deceased, whose identity has been withheld, was believed to have been dead for three to seven days. She was also believed to have been raped before being murdered.

Both her hands were bound with her clothes and was found facing downwards by the roadside.

According to a family member, on Aug. 22, they sent her to the Tandek minibus terminal and were surprised when one of the deceased's colleagues informed that she had for not reported for classes three days later.

They received a shock upon being informed by police about the discovery of her body. On Aug. 30, the family members claimed her body for burial.

And the victim here is my fellow teacher punya girlfriend. How tragic. The people who did this crime is definitely far worse than an animal.

Hopefully the people who did this to her will be caught by the police soon.


Carmelliny said...

kesian oh the girl and his bf..harap2 kna jumpa tue pembunuh cpt2..

Mell said...

hi Joan,

I feel sorry for the BF and deceased family. Why la UMS students are so malang this year? haih..

C A T said...

curse the perogol !!!

still very angry here